Lexi burst into Apryl’s room and found a maze of doctors and nurses working on Apryl, whose vitals signs had apparently slipped. Her heart monitor was low, but constant, and before Lexi could see any more, her mother pulled her aside.

“Hunny, Apryl’s in a coma,” Sandra whimpered sadly, choked up.

“Noooo!” Lexi cried, looking at her sister. “She can’t be! I can’t believe he...”

But before she could finish her statement, a doctor led both Lexi and Sandra out to a nearby waiting room, where Lexi collapsed in her mother’s arms, deep in tears. She was the only one who knew what was really going on...


Deep in the bowels of the dream world, Apryl was in for the fight of her life. Captured by Freddy Krueger as his latest trophy, Apryl joined her best friend Veronica on the mantle of the boiler. Strung up by a thread, either one could collapse to a fiery death below by a simple flick of a wrist—Freddy’s wrist—and there was nothing anybody could do about it. Even with their loose incarceration, neither one could move an inch.

“Veronica, are you okay?” Apryl asked, coming to.

However, Veronica couldn’t talk, as her mouth was still zippered shut. Soon after, everything hushed as footsteps approached. Freddy Krueger then emerged and stuck his burned head around the corner of the boiler and scared them both. Scratching his claws slowly across its rusted metal, Freddy really enjoyed making his children quiver with that horrific sound.

“What’s the matter piggies?” Freddy joked, flicking their string. “Feeling too high strung? Hahahahaha.”

“Let us go!” Apryl demanded.

“Mmm-mmm,” Freddy answered with a smile, shaking his head from left-to-right.

“Who the hell do you think you are anyway?” Apryl questioned intently.

“I am the master of souls,” Freddy piped back. “And this time, nothing is gonna keep me from my children...Ahhahahahaha!”

Apryl didn’t respond. She just sat there and stared into the evil red eyes of the dream stalker as he basked in all his glory.

“You know, it’s nice to be back on Elm Street again,” Freddy stated. “I’ve always loved it this time of year.”

Apryl started to say something, but Freddy zipped her mouth shut just like he did Veronica.

“You’ve annoyed me enough for now, missie,” Freddy said, flicking his claw in her direction. “It’s time I went and got more souls. But don’t worry, Daddy will be back for you two later. Hahahahahaha!”

Freddy then disappeared in a flash, leaving Apryl and Veronica strung up directly above the scorching fire below. I can’t believe it, Apryl thought. There has to be a way out of this. If I could just get loose, I could free Veronica and then we could warn the others. Tugging and pulling with all her might, she struggled to get free once again, with no success. Tears then welled up in her eyes again as she realized her attempts were futile, and they were totally helpless to save the others from their pending doom.


“Q, that’s impossible,” Mike stated as he walked along the sidewalk with Quinton. “I just talked to Swanny right before school let out. We worked out together in the gym today.”

“No, Mike,” Quinton responded, serious in tone. Mike, surprised that Quinton had called him by his first name instead of his last, immediately recognized his tone. “I came in after hours to get in a final workout, but when I got in the weight room, I found Swanny— or what was left of him— scattered all around the room. The blood was fucking everywhere man.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Mike asked, wide-eyed at Quinton’s assertion.

“I’m talking about Freddy Krueger,” Quinton informed him. “He fuckin’ iced Swanson.”

“Freddy who?” Mike questioned.

“Freddy Krueger,” Quinton answered.

“Who the fuck is Freddy Krueger?” Mike asked, trying to sound annoyed even though he knew exactly who Quinton was talking about.

“He’s a burnt-ass motherfucker who got torched a really long time ago for killing some kids on Elm Street,” Quinton stated. “He killed dozens of kids, but when they got him to court, he was freed on a technicality. That pissed off the parents, so they hunted him down like a piece of meat and burned him to death in the factory where he used to work. They thought it was all over after that, but now, Krueger comes back in your dreams. Your nightmares.”

“Get the hell out of here,” Mike said. “Your dreams? That’s the craziest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.”

“That’s not all,” Quinton elaborated. “If he kills you in your dream, you’re dead for real, and that’s what happened to Swanny. He must have fallen asleep when he was working out or something, and Krueger iced him. Plain and simple.”

“I’m not gonna stand here and listen to you babble some dream stalker bullshit,” Mike stated defensively, walking away from him. “I’m outta here.”

“Listen to me Clark, I’m dead serious!” Quinton yelled. “He’s hurt a lot of people. Yesterday, he decided to pay me a visit in the sauna.” He then held up his burnt hands and showed Mike, who stared at it in awe, but said nothing. “Who knows where this motherfucker could pop up next.”

“Be careful Clarky,” Quinton warned. “None of us are safe. Remember that the next time you see that ugly face and floppy-ass brown hat.”

That last statement had caught Mike’s attention. “What do you mean floppy-ass brown hat?”

“You know, the floppy-ass brown hat, the red and green striped sweater, the claws,” Quinton responded, realizing Mike knew exactly what he was talking about. “That’s the shit he wears.”

Mike, surprised at how accurate Quinton’s description hit home, just looked at him.

“You’ve seen him, haven’t you?” Quinton asked.

Mike didn’t answer. He just looked at Quinton like he was just read a guilty verdict in court.

“Hello?” Quinton asked, noticing Mike was spaced out. “Earth to Clarky."

Mike still didn’t reply. He just backpedaled and got into his car as Quinton stood there watching him. “I’m warning you Mike! Any one of us could be next!” Quinton called out as Mike started his car. He then screeched his tires and got about a block down the road before pulling a U-turn and roaring back into view.

“Come on man, let’s go,” Mike said. “It’s probably nothing, but we got some time before the game.”

Quinton wasted no time getting into the car, and when he did, Mike floored it again, and they sped off down the road back toward Springwood High School. What they didn’t notice was the unmarked police cruiser following their every move and tailing directly behind them.

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