Back at Springwood Memorial, a small white Nissan sedan pulled away from the parking lot, headed back toward town. The driver, Principal Bob Shaye, was just released from care after running into Apryl earlier in the day. The doctors wanted to keep him overnight for observation, but there was no way he was going to miss the big Collins game, not with all the chaos that occurred at school that week. He told the doctors he’d have to be dead to miss it, so they shot him up with some medication, let him rest a couple of hours, then discharged him.

Slowing down at a red light, Shaye took a deep breath, adjusted his black-rimmed glasses and started to think. He was still feeling the affects of the medication, but he didn’t dare tell the nurses or doctors that. If he did, he would surely have to miss the game, and that was something that simply could not happen under any circumstances. He already felt bad enough about injuring that poor Murphy girl. He didn’t need to complicate things further by missing the biggest game in Springwood history. How would it look if Springwood should lose, and its leader was laid up in a hospital because of an accident with one of his own students? He’d be the laughing stock of the entire town. Or worse yet, how would it look if Springwood should win, and its leader wasn’t there to bask in the glory? It would be the biggest Kodak moment in the town’s history, and he would be MIA instead of on the front page of the paper the next day.

Yes, Bob Shaye was proud to be the head of Springwood High School, even though its numbers dwindled below 1,000 for the first time ever. When he accepted the job as principal, he was told that the school was plagued for many years by murders and suicides, and that had led to a mass exodus out of town. The local law enforcement informed him that all the problems were more or less related to one Fred Krueger, who made a game out of killing all the children in their sleep. After figuring it out, they all played dumb and doped up their kids on hypnocil, and everything returned to normal. Sure, they had to lock some of them up in Westin Hills to prevent that bastard from spreading, but it was worth it. The town had finally begun to turn the corner and move on from its horrid past.

Then, the murders started up again very unexpectedly. Naturally, everyone pointed the finger at Krueger, but those who survived told him he was finally dead this time. There was no way he’d ever come back again. Or could he? With all the craziness that had become all-too-familiar at school this week, he was beginning to wonder.

On that thought, the principal caught himself dozing off at the wheel, and quickly widened his eyes. A moment later, he had to force the wheel hard to the right to prevent the Nissan from going into the other lane. As Shaye’s car squealed away, another car blared its horn as it whizzed by, but the principal paid no attention to it. Whew, that was close, he thought. They must have given me too much morphine. Then came the sweat, which burned his eyes and blurred his glasses. Every time he got nervous, he would sweat. And this was definitely one of those times. Shaye then blinked repeatedly in an attempt to clear his vision, but it wasn’t working too well. Yawning, he thought about pulling over...

When he gazed over into the passenger’s seat and saw the demonic Freddy Krueger staring right back at him, claw gleaming in the moonlight.

The principal was horrified of the dream master, because after everything that had happened, and everything he was told, the bastard had somehow found a way back.

“You almost fucked up my plans, Principal!” Freddy yelled, pointing his claw at him. “And you aren’t gonna keep me from my children anymore! Ahhahahaha!”

“No!” Principal Shaye pleaded. “You’re dead! They killed you!”

“You think they could beat me?” Freddy quipped. “Ahahahahaha! They couldn’t beat me with fire, they couldn’t beat me with holy water, and they sure as hell weren’t gonna beat me with their precious little pills!”

Just then, three steel bars bolted the principal to his seat, and Freddy took control of the car with his own steering wheel appearing on the dashboard in front of him. “Better buckle up!” he laughed.

A moment later, the beat up old white Nissan, with Krueger at the helm, sped off down the road, running red lights, swerving back and forth from lane to lane, and crossing over the double-yellow lines over and over again. They narrowly missed several cars, and all Freddy did was laugh.

“Stop!” Principal Shaye screamed, trying to pry the steel bars away with no success. “Ahhhh!”

“Aww, what’s wrong, can’t handle a little speed, oldtimer?” Freddy joked, noticing a large tanker truck rapidly approaching in the opposite lane.

Freddy didn’t say a word after that. He just glared back at the principal with a smile and nodded up and down. Principal Shaye, in disbelief, knew exactly what he intended.

“Nooooo!” Shaye yelled. “I’ll do anything!”

“Ahhhahahaha!” Freddy laughed as the tanker drew ever so close. “A word of advice, principal. You better think twice before you fuck with Freddy!”

Then, just before the car collided with the tanker truck, Principal Shaye woke up, back in control of his car.

Whew, the principal sighed, taking a deep breath and wiping the sweat from his brow. What a scary nightmare...

But just as he thought that, Freddy’s claw shot up from underneath his seat and punctured his face and head, going right through his glasses and all the way out the top of his head into the roof of the car.

“How bout a little off the top, chief!” Freddy clamored as blood spewed out the top of his scalped head.

A moment later, Principal Shaye’s real car careened off of the road and nailed a tree off the side of the road, completely totaling the little sedan. I guess the principal was right. He’d have to be dead to miss the big game, because he was killed long before the car even hit.

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