Prologue- Driving Me Insane
Chapter 1- The Aftermath
Chapter 2- Halloween In Haddonfield
Chapter 3- Paragons Of Perdition
Chapter 4- Locked Up
Chapter 5- Fate And Destiny
Chapter 6- Confidential Interview
Chapter 7- Billow's Woods
Chapter 8- The Field Lounge
Chapter 9- Heading Home
Chapter 10- A Desperate Appeal
Chapter 11- Final Preparations
Chapter 12- Tricks And Treats
Chapter 13- Club Business
Chapter 14- Commence Au Festival
Chapter 15- A Daring Escape
Chapter 16- Fun And Games
Chapter 17- Make It Two
Chapter 18- Duty Calls
Chapter 19- A Perfect Ten
Chapter 20- Overindulgence
Chapter 21- Collapse Au Festival
Chapter 22- Raving Mad
Chapter 23- A Force Of Nature
Chapter 24- Motionless In Black
Chapter 25- No Mere Mortal Can Resist
Chapter 26- The Shape Stalks
Chapter 27- Meeting Mr. Mayhem
Chapter 28- The Shape Stalks Again
Chapter 29- To The Rescue
Chapter 30- Haddonfield Cemetery
Chapter 31- A Destiny Fulfilled
Epilogue- Six Feet Under

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