The blue Chevy Cavalier sat idle as its motor tuckered off and finally died. The front grill was damaged and the tree was a total loss, but thanks to the fact that Dayna Jordan couldn't pick up much speed while she was off-roading, the damage was limited to the front end of the car.

A combination of smoke and fog filled the woods surrounding Dayna and her passenger, Connor Lowe, who were both still trapped inside her vehicle. After a few brief moments, the driver's side door creaked open, and Dayna emerged, seemingly unscathed save for a few bumps and bruises and a pretty big gash on her forehead.

Not to be outdone, Connor Lowe kicked the door open on the passenger's side, which was a little fidgety but finally opened. Connor, putting on his best macho act, sprang up out of the car and stretched out his arms, like he had just exited a rollercoaster.

"Dude, killer ride," Connor joked. "Can we go again?"

"Fuck you, Connor," Dayna piped back. "That's gonna cost me a thousand bucks, easy."

"Watch your forehead," Connor stated, pointing at her wound. It wasn't until that moment that Dayna felt the blood trickling down her face. She reached her hand up momentarily, then tore a small piece of her costume off and dabbed the wound.

In the distance, the loud music of the rave echoed thunderously into the night, but neither teen could make out what the song was. Thanks to the bass of the DJ's speakers drowning out most of the actual sound, all they were left with was the loud "BOOM BOOM BOOM" of the speakers. As if Dayna didn't have enough of a headache already.

"I'm so over this," Dayna finally commented.

"Me too," Connor agreed. "But one question..."


"Exactly where the hell are we?"

"Good question," Dayna answered. "Somewhere between the rave and the other side of Billow's Woods, I'd say. Maybe near the old Baker place. I could call a tow truck. They could get us out of here in an hour or so."

"An hour? I don't think so," Connor complained, instantly shooting her down. "Besides, the last thing we need is authority around here. Especially the five-o."

"What do you care? You aren't even going!" Dayna commented vehemently.

"Let's just say that Logan and I delivered on our promise," Connor stated. "If the tow truck comes, then the cops will want to know why, and we don't need any pigs sniffing around a party full of underage drunks. That was the whole idea of it in the first place."

"You're unbelievable, you know that?" Dayna groaned. "I can't believe you guys actually spiked the punch after specifically telling all the adults that you wouldn't."

"That was to throw them off the scent," Connor continued. "And besides, if Miss Moulson and Mr. Robertson do show up to chaperone, they'll be too drunk before they even realize what hit 'em."

"Man, that's so...COOL!" Dayna quipped, her mood instantly changed.

"Uhh...yeah?" was Connor's befuddled reply. It was all he could think of to say, he was so stunned.

"Hell yeah! I am shocked you guys were able to pull it off without getting caught."

"So far, so good. But the night is still young. Which is exactly why we have to hike it out of here."

"Hike out of here?"

"How else do you propose we get out of here?" Connor questioned. "The Whovian is trashed, and I don't see any phone booths around."

"Good point," Dayna agreed. "Come on, we can make it to the Baker place and call for a ride there. The cell reception is shit out here."

"Lead the way, toots," Connor commanded, still trying to hold up his macho facade.

It only took one dirty look from Dayna to instantly change Connor's demeanor.

"Um, babe?" He asked, trying again as his voice cracked under the pressure.

The dirty look almost instantly turned into a death stare.

Then Dayna burst out laughing.

"Relax, Connor, you know I'm just jerking your gherkin!" she gleamed. "I know how you are. I just wanted to see if I could get a rise out of you."

Connor exhaled in relief.

"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked, suddenly remembering that if he was hurt, she was responsible, and she didn't need that guilt trip on top of everything else.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Connor responded. "I'm Mr. Indestructible."

"Okay, Mr. Indestructible, let's go," Dayna ordered, holding out her hand. "But I swear to God, if you tell anyone about this, I'm gonna beat your ass!"

At that moment, Connor totally forgot about all about his personal problems and all the drama (i.e. Sienna St. Clair) that had been in his life up to that point. With a shrewd smile, the Big Bag Wolf graciously accepted her offer and took her hand, and the two began their trek out of the woods together.


As Dayna Jordan and Connor Lowe trudged their way through the rough terrain of the woods, it was only the moonlight that provided any sort of illumination to guide their way. Connor attempted to hold out his cell phone a couple of times, but that barely lit anything more than two feet in front of them and picked up no signal, so he gave up and put it back in his pocket.

"Where are we?" Dayna asked.

"Shouldn't be much further," Connor assured her. "The music is fading---"


Connor was unable to finish his statement, as he tripped and suddenly disappeared from view, crashing to the ground over a small hill. Since he was holding hands with Dayna, she too went flying, but not over the hill. She only went face first into a pile of leaves and dirt.

At least, she'd hoped it was only dirt.

"Connor! Connor, where are you?!" a frantic Dayna called out.


"Connor! Come on, this isn't funny. I've had enough Halloween bullshit for one year!"

Still silent.

Quietly brushing the dirt off of her face, Dayna slowly found her bearings and crawled over to the top of the hill. But just as she reached the edge, a dark figure emerged from the hill and pulled her down with all his might. Dayna screamed bloody murder.

Luckily for her, it was only Connor, and he made his move, pulling Dayna down on top of him and kissing her hard on the lips.

The defiant vixen initially resisted, but it didn't take long for her to finally give in. The kiss soon became more passionate, and the two got caught up in the moment and went for it, tearing at each other's costumes, some of which they'd probably never find again.

Connor couldn't get his outfit off fast enough, but Dayna took her good old time, continuing to toy with her unexpected beau.

Finally, when they were both naked and Connor was flat on his back on the ground, Dayna took her pants off and wrapped her legs around him, careful not to give him what he wanted right away.

As Dayna teased him, Connor jerked slightly.

"What is it?" Dayna asked, panting.

"My stomach," Connor informed her. "It's a little tender from the wreck."

"Oh, poor thing, I thought you were Mr. Indestructible?" she continued sarcastically, rubbing her hands on his chest.

"Oh, I am, baby," Connor baritoned in the deepest voice he could muster. "Mr. Indestructible, at your service."

"Is that so?" Dayna questioned, moving herself into position. "Well, Mr. Indestructible, I'm a god-damned force of nature."

Much to their delight, Dayna mounted Connor and the two enjoyed the craziest impromptu sex either had ever experienced. Probably the ONLY impromptu sex either had ever experienced. What they didn't know was that while they were rolling in the hay, a dark shape of a man stood atop the small hill directly above them, hovering like a gargoyle on top of a cathedral.

With the full moon at his back, Michael Myers watched Dayna gyrating up and down on top of Connor and slowly tilted his head to the right, then to the left, and back straight. They may have been engaged in the ultimate act of pleasure, but at that moment, The Shape, feeling his rage, was ready to unleash the ultimate act of PAIN upon both.

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