NOVEMBER 1, 2004



I was there that night. The night that monster Michael Myers decided to come back to Haddonfield and butcher more of the town.

I was at the Field Lounge with Sonny Piati and Benny Roth when the report came on WWAR. I had just worked a long ten-hour day in the mill and I was dog tired. All I wanted to do was unwind with a couple of beers and some cashews, but I should have known better. A guy just can't relax with a beer in this town anymore, especially on Halloween. From where I sat, all I could hear was Kerry Carson saying something about shots being fired in suburban Haddonfield and an escaped mental patient. That's all we had to hear. We'd been around Haddonfield long enough to know, and thanks to Sonny, we finally decided to take matters into our own hands.

We threw down our beers, packed into Sonny's pickup and took off. Everyone in the bar was there. Sonny, myself, Benny, Jack Hairston, Charlie Nelson, and I think Johnny Porelli. We picked up whatever weapons we could find and heard Myers was spotted near Billow's Woods, so we headed out to the Tower Farm. You know, where the trail from Billow's ends. I can't recall how many others jumped on board along the way, but the town was crazy at that point, so it could have been another five, six, or even a dozen, I'm not sure.

When we got to the farm, it was a complete mess. I remember Susie Lewis came out of the barn puking her guts out with her husband Jeff right behind her. We went in and found that poor Baker girl, or what was left of her, and her boyfriend all scattered around the barn. There was blood everywhere. The place smelled like the back of Hack's old butcher shop. I won't ever forget that god awful stench.

Anyway, next thing we knew, Sonny came running with a cell phone. He said he got a call from some guy named Loomis, and that Sheriff Robinson was dead. Some panicked, but most of us knew the score. We knew the life expectancy of a sheriff in Haddonfield, and that this johnny-come-lately coon would be no different.

So we got back in the pickup and headed out toward the clinic. Along the way, we ran into that pain in the ass deputy, and Sonny had to bring him up to speed on the situation. From what I recall, the deputy gave him some lip, but Sonny Piati had a way with people. He was very convincing when he had to be. After that brief interruption, we were several vehicles strong, as the deputy and the National Guard followed us the whole way to the hospital. Strength in numbers, that was what Sonny kept saying.

When we finally got to the clinic, we heard a loud explosion and saw a huge orange fireball appear in the sky. It wasn't until we parked that we saw it was the Med-Evac helicopter on the roof. The National Guard piled out single file around us and broke down the main doors. Sonny and I snuck in there behind them, while the others joined the mob in the parking lot. As out of shape as we were, we couldn't keep up with the Guard. But when we finally reached the top of the stairs, we saw someone fall off the roof, passing through our field of view in the windows. I heard Sonny mumble something about Myers, but after that, a couple of soldiers broke down the door to the roof and we saw what was left of the chaos.

I saw the man Loomis flat on his back yelling "Madison, hold on!" and Sonny reached over the side of the roof to keep that little girl from falling. As I got to the edge, I looked over and saw that it was Michael Myers who fell, but couldn't quite see his body. I saw his plain white mask for a moment, but only a split second. After that, the whole town was taking turns on him. Honestly, it looked like a swarm of fire ants all over a fresh piece of road kill.

I felt my heart rate going down. I knew the danger was over. Sonny came over and handed me his shotgun, and I managed to finally catch my breath. We exchanged a nod and a smile, and he said what a great story this would be at the mill on Monday. After that, the paramedics came and helped, and that deputy, Barnes I think his name was, taped off the scene and forced us out. What an ingrate. After all we did for him, this was how he paid us back? Asshole.

On my way out, I noticed Sonny was being interviewed by the local news, so I stuck around, hoping they would come to me next, but they didn't. At that point, I found a bottle of Jack Daniels in the back of Sonny's pickup and decided to make friends with it. I walked down the road, oh, about a quarter-mile or so, and found a nice cozy spot by an old oak tree. Luckily, the bottle of JD was still half-full, so I opened it and took a big long swig. It felt so good going down. But anyway, after drinking most of it, I couldn't move. It felt so good, all I wanted to do at that point was sleep. I'm not sure when, but I ended up passed out up against the tree.

The next thing I remember, I was startled out of sleep by the sound of squealing tires, and saw an ambulance sliding all over the road as it passed me. Smoke was everywhere. It was calm at that point, and I managed to get to my feet and stumble in the direction of the ambulance.

I got halfway across the road when a police cruiser flew by with its sirens blaring. It almost took me out right there, I tell ya. It squealed to a stop, and I saw Deputy Barnes get out and rush to the scene. He opened the back doors to the ambulance and was immediately drawn back. The last thing I remember, the National Guard caught up to him at the scene, and all Barnes kept screaming was, "It's not him! He's gone! HE'S GONE!!!"

I blacked out after that, maybe it was too much alcohol, I don't know. But I woke up in my own bed this morning with a massive headache and was none the wiser.


"Anything change on this, Steve?" Sheriff Joshua Barnes asked, staring at Steve Spencer from behind his beaten-down oak wood desk.

"No, sheriff. And if you don't me asking, why are you bringing this up after all these years?" the elderly Steve Spencer asked from the chair across from him.

"Routine maintenance, that's all," Barnes replied, clearly lying. "We're just digitizing some of our old files. You know, becoming more efficient with our procedures. City Hall's big on that."

Spencer knew he was lying.

"Come on, sheriff, you can't bullshit a bullshitter," Steve insisted. "You didn't bring me down here for 'routine maintenance'. What's really going on?"

"Nothing is going on," Barnes insisted. "That'll be all, Steve. Thank you for coming down."

But Spencer wasn't satisfied.

"Sheriff, are you afraid?" Spencer asked, adjusting his red trucker's cap emblazoned with the Haddonfield Mill logo. "It's Halloween, and you think Michael's coming back, don't you?"

Barnes remained motionless, but the non-reply was all the convincing Steve Spencer needed.

Taking a deep breath, Barnes stood up from his seat. "Steve, have you seen or heard the news yet today?"

"No, I came straight here when you called, why?"

"You remember that Mauberry girl?"

"Yeah, Madison, I used to drink with her daddy at the lounge."

"We pulled her body out of the Rabbit in Red last night."

"That titty bar outside of town?"

Barnes nodded affirmatively. "Her throat was slashed and seven others were butchered as well."

"Jesus H. Christ," Spencer continued, looking Barnes right in the eye in disbelief.

"It could be an isolated incident," Barnes theorized. "That poor girl was a total nutcase after the attacks, understandably so. It could have been her pusher, or pimp, even. I don't know. But being that it's Halloween, I thought I'd bring you in to see if you heard anything, and to ask if you could keep a pulse on any gossip going around town. With Sonny gone, god rest his soul, I need someone in town I can trust. This isn't like last time, Steve. I have every available man on duty. It is all under control. No mistakes this time. I will contact you if we need anything further."

Sheriff Barnes then opened his office door and extended his hand, which Spencer reluctantly shook.

"I'm getting too old for this shit, sheriff," Steve said as he stepped toward the door. "Did you call the state boys and feds?"

"Not yet," Barnes answered. "But they will be put on high alert."

"You better," Spencer calmly stated. "The last thing we need is another Hell's Night."

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