1. Wesley (Daryl Sabara)- Beat to death with tree branch
2. Ronnie (William Forsythe)- Duct taped to chair, throat slit
3. Steve (Adam Weisman)- Beat to death with aluminum baseball bat
4. Judith (Hanna Hall)- Knifed in stomach, stabbed to death
5. Nurse Wynn (Sybil Danning)- Stabbed in throat with fork
6. Deborah (Sheri Moon-Zombie)- Shot through mouth; suicide
7. Zach (Bill Moseley)- Head bludgeoned with chains
8. Larry (Tom Towles)- Head smashed against wall repeatedly
9. Stan (Steve Boyles)- Beat to death, accidentally shot by Patty
10. Patty (Leslie Easterbrook)- Throat ripped out
11. Gloria (uncredited)- Throat ripped out offscreen
12. Ismael (Danny Trejo)- Drowned in sink, head smashed with TV
13. Joe (Ken Foree)- Slammed through bathroom stall, stabbed twice
14. Bob (Nick Mennell)- Pinned to wall with kitchen knife
15. Lynda (Kristina Klebe)- Strangled to death
16. Mason (Pat Skipper)- Slashed across face with kitchen knife
17. Cynthia (Dee Wallace)- Thrown through glass table; neck snapped
18. Paul (Max Van Ville)- Stabbed in stomach with kitchen knife, hung from ceiling
19. Officer Lowery (Paul Kampf)- Stabbed in back with kitchen knife
20. Deputy Charles (Richmond Arquette)- Stabbed to death with kitchen knife

*NOTE: Several death scenes were omitted or changed throughout the various versions of the film. In the workprint, Grant Clark (Ezra Buzzington) was strangled to death when Michael steals Judith's tombstone. In the workprint and unrated versions, Kendall Jacks (Courtney Gains) and Noel Kluggs (Lew Temple) both had their heads smashed against the wall in an alternate escape scene. In a third version of the escape, two security guards (uncredited) are strangled to death and thrown through a window by Michael, who then walks out the back door. In the workprint, Bob (Nick Mennell) was dragged into his van and stabbed to death. In an alternate ending of the film, Michael (Tyler Mane) is shot to death by police after releasing Laurie to Loomis. And, in a scene cut from the film entirely, Annie (Danielle Harris) dies and is covered up and loaded into an ambulance by Sheriff Brackett (Brad Dourif). There were also several animals killed or found dead in the film, including a dog, cat, fox, and Michael's pet rat, Elvis.

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