1. Franklin (Brent Chapman)- Beheaded with kitchen knife offscreen
2. Willie (Dan Joffre)- Throat slit with kitchen knife
3. Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis)- Stabbed in back with kitchen knife, falls to death from rooftop
4. Charley (Brad Sihvon)- Throat impaled with camera tripod leg
5. Bill (Thomas Ian Nicholas)- Stabbed repeatedly, kitchen knife in head
6. Donna (Daisy McCrackin)- Impaled on metal spike protruding from sewer exit
7. Jen (Katee Sackhoff)- Beheaded with kitchen knife
8. Jim (Luke Kirby)- Head crushed in Michael's bare hands
9. Rudy (Sean Patrick Thomas)- Pinned to door with three knives through chest
10. Nora (Tyra Banks)- Strangled with camera cord offscreen, found hung from ceiling

*NOTE: It was implied at the end that Michael kills the morgue attendant, but that death was unconfirmed. In addition, in an alternate cut of the film, some of the deaths were different. These included Willie (Dan Joffre), who was stabbed to death; Donna (Daisy McCrackin), who walked into her death; and Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), who fell to her death on the concrete instead of the woods. Also, Freddie (Busta Rhymes) did not survive originally, and was choked to death, the death of Nora (Tyra Banks) was shown on screen, and a CSI agent was implied dead in an alternate ending, but that was also unconfirmed. Michael (Brad Loree), in a separate alternate ending, was axed in the face by Sara.

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