1. Mary (Susan Swift)- Head impaled on spiked wall
2. Motorist (Tom Proctor)- Head twisted off, neck broken
3. Jamie (J.C. Brandy)- Knifed in stomach, later shot by Man In Black
4. Debra (Kim Darby)- Hacked up with an ax
5. John (Bradford English)- Knifed in stomach, electrocuted on fuse box
6. Barry (Leo Geter)- Strangled and stabbed in van, hung in tree
7. Tim (Keith Bogart)- Throat slit
8. Beth (Mariah O'Brien)- Stabbed to death with knife
9. Dr. Wynn (Mitchell Ryan)- Dies after passing on Curse of Thorn to Dr. Loomis

*NOTE: This is the Coroner's Report for the Producer's Cut of the film. For details on the Theatrical Version, be sure to check out that page as well.

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