1. Bus Driver (uncredited)- Killed offscreen, death confirmed by police
2. Warden Kuneman (Michael Harrity)- Head wound
3. Guard Haskell (William Matthew Anderson)- Found dead on the road by Officer Hawkins
4. Lumpy (Vince Mattis)- Strangled, neck broken against car door window
5. Father (Brien Gregorie)- Found by Officer Hawkins with neck broken
6. Gas Station Clerk (uncredited)- Found by Aaron with jaw and face ripped open
7. Mechanic (Aaron Christian Paderewski)- Found by Aaron beaten to death with mallet
8. Aaron (Jefferson Hall)- Head bashed against wall four times and bathroom stall door six times
9. Dana (Rhian Rees)- Strangled, neck broken
10. Gina (Marian Green) Beat to death with hammer offscreen
11. Andrea (Marian Sing)- Head bashed off couch, knifed through back of neck and out throat
12. Vicky (Virginia Gardner)- Stabbed to death with butcher knife
13. Dave (Miles Robbins)- Found by Officer Hawkins pinned to a wall with a butcher knife
14. Oscar (Drew Scheid)- Knifed in back, impaled through chin on wrought iron fence post
15. Officer Hawkins (Will Patton)- Pen knife to neck by Dr. Sartain, ran over with police cruiser
16. Dr. Sartain (Haluk Bilginer)- Head stomped in and smashed to pieces
17. Officer Richards (Charlie Benton)- Found by Ray with throat slit and pen knife in head
18. Officer Francis (Christopher Nelson)- Found beheaded and mounted onto shotgun by Ray, turned into human pumpkin
19. Ray (Toby Huss)- Garotted with metal wind chimes, neck snapped

*NOTE: It is unknown how many of the inmates escaped or were killed by Michael during the bus crash. When reviewing the aftermath with Officer Hawkins, Sheriff Barker (Omar Dorsey) only stated that the remaining inmates were being "rounded up". Their fates remain unknown.

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