1. What type of beer did Trey bring over to Lori's house?

2. How old was Lori when she first dated Will?

3. What game did Curt the inmate want to play with Mark?

4. What type of cosmetic work did Kia want to get?

5. How did the town of Springwood wipe out Freddy Krueger?

6. What kind of pills did Mark try to take but fail when Freddy scared him?

7. What was etched across the hood of Mark's brother's custom van?

8. What type of tranquilizer did Freddy use on Jason?

9. What type of air freshener hung from the rearview mirror of Mark's brother's custom van?

10. What was being built on the old Camp Crystal Lake campgrounds?


1. Trey brought 'Canyon' beer to Lori's house.
2. Lori was 14 when she first dated Will.
3. Curt quietly wanted to play checkers with Mark, who told him he liked Uno.
4. Kia wanted to get a nose job.
5. The town of Springwood blacked out all Krueger obituaries, locked up those who remember him, and put their kids on Hypnocil.
6. Mark tried to take 'Wake Aid' pills.
7. "The Serpent" was etched across the front of Mark's brother's custom van.
8. Freddy used 'Imobatine' on Jason.
9. There was a Misfits air freshener hung from the rearview mirror of Mark's brother's van.
10. Luxury fishing cabins were being built at Camp Crystal Lake when Freddy fought Jason there.

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