1. What year did Allen Christy attempt to re-open the camp?

2. What was Allen Christy in relation to Steve?

3. What kind of school did Nikki and Krista attend?

4. What color and model was Scott's vehicle?

5. Who sold the professor the cottage?

6. What was the name of the mountain overlooking Newkirk?

7. At what age did Nikki and Krista get their first modeling contract?

8. What card game did Emmy and Ashley play?

9. What company did Elias Tompkins work for?

10. What gas station did the group stop at on their way to camp?


1. Allen Christy attempted to re-open the camp in 1994.
2. Allen Christy was Steve's nephew.
3. Nikki and Krista attended a cosmetology school.
4. Scott's vehicle was a black Ford Explorer.
5. Tina Shepard sold the professor the cottage.
6. Mount Miner was the name of the mountain.
7. Nikki and Krista's first modeling contract came at age 15.
8. Emmy and Ashley played blackjack.
9. Elias Tompkins worked for IBM.
10. The group stopped at a Mobil station.

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