It had been nearly five hours since they all left Philadelphia.

The anxiety had become overwhelming as they passed a large road sign that read: Crystal Lake 15 Miles.

The girls in the 4-Runner were also relieved that the long trip was finally winding down to an end.

“Rebecca, Rebecca, wake up, we’re almost here,” Jenny said as she gently shaking her shoulder to revive her.

“Huh what?” was all Rebecca muttered before Alicia chimed in with a smile on her face: “Only about 10 more minutes and you can see Jordan again.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot what we were doing for a minute there,” Rebecca replied sheepishly.

“It may be sooner than that girl, look,” Kisha said, pointing to the hummer in front of them that obviously began to gain speed.

Kisha looked down at her speedometer and noticed she was doing nearly 65, but the hummer was way in front of them now. They got to be doing at least 80, she thought.

“Damn, you better check up. We won’t want to get lost now,” Alicia commented as she too noticed the hummer speeding away.

“That’s for sure,” Kisha replied, as she turned her mix CD to track 13 and blasted “Heat” by DMX, before putting the 4-Runner into fifth gear and speeding up to catch the hummer.


After passing the 10-mile sign, Jordan let out a loud “Hoooahh,” as he pushed the pedal to the metal and sped up.

In the back seat, Drake and Tyrone felt a rush of adrenaline rush through them, and they both grabbed an M-16 and two fully loaded clips and got prepared for whatever was awaiting them when they arrived.

Rob, however, was completely oblivious to both Jordan speeding up and Drake and Tyrone loading their weapons. He only stared out the window, looking at all the trees and his surroundings, getting an eerie thought that both Krista and Nikki saw those same trees and traveled that same road before.

Then suddenly something came over his entire body, and he felt like he was being electrocuted.

He closed his eyes until the strange feeling passed, but when it did, he felt a weird sense of deja vu, like this exact same thing happened to him before.

Then, without even thinking, Rob yelled, “Slow down…NOW!”

“What?” Jordan asked, shocked by Rob’s sudden outburst.

“Just slow the fuck down!” Rob yelled again in anger.

Just then, Jordan saw a huge tree that had fallen in the middle of the road and slammed on his brakes, with the front grill of the hummer brushing up against it.

Kisha’s 4-Runner also screeched to a halt in the nick of time, coming only inches from a rear-end collision.

“What the hell just happened?” Rob asked, to no one in particular, as he rubbed his hands over his face.

“Damn dude we were almost done with before we got to do any fighting,” Drake responded.

Jordan just rolled down the window and motioned to Kisha to back up and follow them around the tree.

Kisha obeyed and backed up the 4-Runner, giving Jordan enough room to back up and go slightly off-road and around the obstacle.

Kisha then threw her vehicle into 4-wheel drive and followed suit again.

Tyrone reached in the back cargo area and made sure the supplies were still fine, which they were.

Rob just shook his head and slumped down in his seat after Jordan apologized about five times. He continued to contemplate on what the hell just came over him back there, and put on his head phones and listened to Metallica’s “The Memory Remains” as they turned down a small dirt road.


Rob’s song wasn’t even over before the hummer came to a stop in a patch of grass facing an ominous looking horseshoe of rundown old cabins.

Before Rob even was able to take off his headphones, or before the girls could even park their vehicle, Jordan, Drake and Tyrone were out of the hummer, ready for combat.

Jordan, with a nine-millimeter, was barking out orders to Drake and Tyrone, as they both loaded their M-16’s.

Drake went to the right side of the cabins and kicked in the door as he started to sweep the area looking for any suspicious signs.

Tyrone did the same to the left side as Rob slowly got out of the hummer and looked around.

'This is it,' he thought to himself. 'This is the place'.

Rob continued to look around in awe and didn’t even notice the girls walk up behind him.

He thought he heard Kisha and Alicia making fun of the way their boyfriends were acting all tough and macho with their little guns, but paid no attention to them as his eyes fixated on cabin 3.

Suddenly he felt that freaky feeling take over his body again as he closed his eyes and saw Nikki’s body, still pinned to the back of that door. He remembered Krista telling him that was where she found her body, but he had never seen the image so clear in his mind before.

Rob let out a loud scream of anger, drawing his knife from his belt and running toward the cabin screaming.

Jordan noticed this and quickly followed him into the cabin, where he found him on his knees behind the door crying with his knife at his feet.

“What happened? What did you see?” Jordan frantically asked as he searched the room.

Rob didn’t respond.

He just continued to kneel there crying at the site of his sister’s death.

Jenny was the first one through the room, followed by the rest of the girls. Drake and Tyrone hadn’t noticed this outburst.

“What is it?” Jenny asked Jordan.

“I don’t know. There doesn’t seem to be any immediate danger in the room,” Jordan replied.

“Give me a minute alone with him guys,” Jenny said, kneeling down beside him.

The rest of the group left without saying a word, and Jordan told the girls to stay together.

“Rob baby, I don’t know what you saw in here, or what caused you to come running in here, but you got to get yourself together,” Jenny said, holding Rob close to her chest and stroking his hair.

“Sure we have the expertise of Jordan, Drake, and Tyrone, but we all need you to lead us,” she continued. “You know more about Jason than all of us combined, and if we’re going to make it out alive, we need you to get your shit together and tell us what to do.”

Rob pulled away from her and just looked into her eyes with tears still slowly flowing down his cheeks.

“Please,” Jenny said, kissing him gently on the lips.

“Your right,” Rob replied, wiping the tears from his eyes and standing up.

As he picked up his knife and put it away, the two walked out of the cabin together just as Drake and Tyrone were arriving with no sign of any activity.

“Ok now, first thing we need are all the supplies from the hummer,” Rob stated. “And Kisha, I need you to park your 4-Runner in plain sight. I want the hummer concealed as best as possible with leaves, twigs, or the camo-net, but leave the windshield uncovered, and we will go from there.”

“Now we only have a few hours of day light left so are there any questions so far on what needs to be done?” Rob asked as he stood on the porch of cabin 3 looking down at everyone else.

“Yes I got one,” Rebecca replied as she raised her hand.

“What’s that?” Rob asked.

“Where can I go to pee, cause I’m ready to explode,” Rebecca said, holding her two legs close together with a weird look on her face.

Everyone else laughed.

“That’s actually a good question,” Rob replied as he pulled out his map of the campground. “The outhouse was down this path behind cabin 8 and 9, but that’s a pretty decent hike. So if I were you, I would go behind a tree down by the lake.”

“Just take that path right there,” Rob explained, pointing to a pathway between cabins 5 and 6.

“Thank you,” Rebecca said as she took off jogging toward the path.

“Wait, one more thing,” Rob called back. “I don’t want anyone going anywhere by themselves. From this point on, no one goes anywhere or does anything without a buddy.”

“Good idea,” Jordan added, nodding his head.

“I’ll come with you,” Alicia suggested as she jogged toward Rebecca, who was now gritting her teeth and hopping up and down.

The two then took off down the path toward the lake as Drake went to give Jordan a hand concealing the hummer.

Tyrone was explaining to Kisha that it was alright for him to be holding a gun, and he knew what he was doing.

Jenny walked up beside Rob on the porch and started to rub his shoulders, when a loud scream came from the same path that Alicia and Rebecca took just moments earlier.

The scream was followed by “Oh my god, please somebody help me!”

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