Alicia’s scream echoed throughout the campground, filling the already tense air with a sudden rush of terror.

Drake and Tyrone were the closest to the girls, and they made it to the scene first, shortly followed by Jordan, Rob, and Jenny.

“What happened, where is he?” Rob yelled when he reached the scene, where he found Rebecca and Alicia holding each other and crying.

“On the other side of the brush,” Rebecca sobbed.

Tyrone moved like an arrow being shot out of a bow, sweeping the area with his M-16, with the rest of the company not far behind.

“Holy shit!” Tyrone yelled when he saw what Rebecca and Alicia saw only minutes before.

It was a body of a man in a black security outfit. He was lying dead on the shore of Crystal Lake with the top half of his head sliced open, and what looked to be his brains only a few feet away.

Jenny saw it and immediately ran to the side to throw up, when she tripped over the leg of another body.

Rob quickly rushed to her aid and turned her head away from the grisly scene.

“Okay, everybody stay calm,” Jordan said as he bent down to better examine the second body.

The body seemed to be that of another security guard, and the side of his head was bloody and seemed to be crushed in.

“Drake, I want you to stay with the girls,” Jordan said. “Tyrone, Rob, and I will take care of this.”

Drake obediently listened, and stayed with the three girls.

“No, don’t move them,” Rob replied sternly. “That would be a dead giveaway, and Jason would know we are here.”

“I agree with Rob,” Tyrone added. “It’s obvious now that this is for real, and these bodies seem to be fresh. So that means that Jason could possibly still be in the area, maybe even watching us right now.”

The men paused and looked all around the eerie woods surrounding them.

“That also means we are running out of time, and fast,” Jordan said as he stood up, putting his nine millimeter back in its chest holster when a hand grabbed his leg from behind.

Tyrone was ready to squeeze the trigger, and Rob had his hunting knife drawn, when they realized that the hand that grabbed Jordan was the hand of the security guard that they thought was dead.

The guard looked up at the group and mumbled out, “help…Jason…here,” before he passed back out.

“Quick, get me some water from the lake,” Jordan ordered as he started to administer first aid to the man.

Tyrone quickly splashed the man with water, and Jordan was able to revive him after a applying a bandage around his head to stop the bleeding.

Rob and Tyrone, who knelt beside him, waited intently for the dazed man to speak.

After about a minute of looking around, the man suddenly became frantic, remembering what happened before he was knocked unconscious.

“Adam! Where’s Adam?!” the man asked.

“I guess we got a name to match the face now,” Tyrone told Rob as he motioned over to the dead body.

“Your friend has been murdered,” Jordan informed him. “Did you see what happened, and what is your name?”

The man thought about it for awhile, then finally said, “My name is C.J., C.J. Jaskula, and I think it was Jason Voorhees, as crazy as that sounds, I think I saw Jason Voorhees!”

“You did see him,” Rob calmly answered. “But don’t worry, my friends and I are here to put an end to his madness once and for all.”

“No, we can’t stop him, we got to get help!” C.J. insisted. “We need the fucking Army or something man.”

“Meet Lieutenant Jordan Sommers,” Rob said, motioning to Jordan. “This is Sergeant Tyrone Jones, and I am Rob Goldwater, and we got more help and supplies back at the camp.”

“Do you remember anything else that happened?” Tyrone asked.

“Um, I’m not sure,” C.J. answered as he thought about it. “Wait, yeah, I remember spotting some kids on the other side of the lake, and before I knew it, I saw Jason attack Adam, and then I was getting my head bashed against a tree.”

“I remember then, before I blacked out,” C.J. continued. “I saw Jason walk into the lake, after I spotted those kids.”

“Good, then maybe our presence hasn’t been detected yet,” Rob said. “Can you walk? We need to get back to the camp with the rest of the group.”

“Yeah, I think I should be alright,” C.J. replied.

Tyrone and Jordan helped him to his feet and assisted him back up the trail.

Before the group could make it halfway up the trail, Drake came running toward them with a worried look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Tyrone asked, noticing the worried look on Drake’s face.

“It’s Kisha, we can’t find her,” Drake responded.

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