“Damn dude, that was a awesome shot,” Drake said in awe, walking toward the dartboard to get a better look.

“Yeah, I guess you can say I’ve been practicing,” Rob replied as he walked up behind Drake and pulled his knife out of the eyehole.

Suddenly, Drake got very serious as he looked at Rob and said sternly, “For real though, what are you planning on doing?”

“I plan on keeping my promise to my sisters, and since they ain’t around no more to protect, the next best thing is to destroy the monster that took their lives,” Rob stated.

“Plan on killing what?” Drake replied, amazed at what he just heard. “Jason is dead, remember, your sister killed him.”

“Don’t be stupid, you and I both know that he killed Krista. Do you really think the government would even name Jason as a suspect to the killing, just when Crystal Lake was starting to blossom again?” Rob shouted.

Without even giving Drake a chance to respond, Rob yelled, “hell no!”

Drake just looked at the floor. He knew deep in his heart that this day would come. Something told him that Jason Voorhees, the same guy that his mother would always use to scare him as a little kid. She would always say that if you weren’t in when the streetlights went on that Jason would come and get you. He believed her. Now, for some reason, he believed Rob.

“I’m going to the campsite later on in the day, after I try and get a few hours of what may be the last time I sleep,” Rob said as he just stared at his replica hockey mask.

“I’m coming with you then,” Drake said, grabbing Rob’s arm.

“No! That’s completely out of the question!” Rob replied. “This is something I must do alone.”

“Then just let me get you some supplies,” Drake demanded. “My buddy is the supply sergeant at the unit. I can follow you up there and drop off anything you need and I will head back home, no questions asked.”

“Alright, we can discuss this in the morning,” Rob replied. “Now I want you to go get some sleep.”

“Okay, sounds good,” Drake said. “But, just for the record, what is this camp like?”

“Well,” Rob answered, “From the pictures I saw, and the stories I’ve read, it’s not much anymore. Just a few run down cabins and a big lake in the middle of the wilderness.”

Drake’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“So this Crystal Lake place, is that the only campsite that’s haunted on the lake?” Drake asked, suddenly fascinated with the issue.

“What? I don’t know, it doesn’t matter because you aren’t staying anywhere near Crystal Lake, you understand me!” Rob piped back.

“Yeah, yeah I got ya man,” Drake replied. “I’m going to go crash. Alicia is probably really pissed off by now. I’ll see you in the morning.”


Arriving at his bedroom, Drake was met at the door by his girlfriend Alicia, who was now fully dressed in a white tank top and tight blue jeans.

“Move! I’m going home,” Alicia yelled, without even making eye contact with him.

“What? Why?” Drake asked, confused. “What did I do now?”

“Okay, first off, you pretend to act all sweet and innocent when I first met you at the club, then you turn out to be the complete opposite,” Alicia responded.

“Second,” she continued, “You somehow use your charm on me and talk me into having constant sex with you, which I never did a couple weeks ago, and now we can’t even get that right.”

“Last of all, you don’t ever act like my boyfriend. Not once did we go out on a real date!” she screamed, up in his face.

It took all of Drake’s discipline not to start laughing in her face; instead, he replied with, “We did too go on a date. Remember that time we went over to Tyrone’s for his big promotion party?”

Alicia was infuriated.

“Going to a friend's house while you sit on your ass and drink beer, eat peanuts, and watch basketball, while I sit in the kitchen talking to Kisha, who I never met before, hardly counts as a date,” Alicia fired back.

“Yeah, but look at the bright side,” Drake said, gently brushing her arm. “If I never dragged you along, you and Kisha would have never became such good friends.”

“That’s beside the point Drake,” Alicia replied, suddenly sounding more calm and relaxed as she watched her boyfriend stroke her arm.

“I know baby, but you didn’t give me a chance to tell you the good news,” Drake said, moving closer to her and kissing her gently on her lips.

“What’s that?” she asked, kissing him back.

“We’re going camping,” Drake answered with a smile.

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