Alicia could barely sleep that night. She was so excited to be going camping again. She thought back to her childhood, when her dad would take her out to their campsite in Maine.

Her dad had died from cancer when she was only 12, and now she was starting to miss him all over again. Her mother was never really a huge help. Ever since his death, her mother became a huge alcoholic. So much so, that Alicia moved to Philadelphia and took figure skating lessons, hoping one day to make it to the Olympics.

Just as the sun was rising, she looked outside the window and smiled. Drake was still lying next to her in bed, snoring louder then usual, when the phone rang and Drake groaned and cursed then fell back into a deep sleep.

“Hello?” Alicia answered, sounding way too perky for eight o’clock in the morning.

“Hey girl, what you doing over there? Oh, don’t you even tell me you slept with that boy again did you?” asked a familiar voice. It was the voice of Kisha Williams, Alicia’s new best friend.

Kisha lived a floor below Rob and Drake with her boyfriend Tyrone. She was only 20, played college basketball on scholarship for Temple. Her skin was the color of Mocha, and she was Alicia’s first ever colored friend.

“No, this was my choice to spend the night, for once.” Alicia replied. “The question is, what are you doing up this early?”

“Tyrone woke my ass up a little bit ago, and wanted me to call and make sure Drake was ready for their weekly morning run. Is he ready by the way?” Kisha stated.

Alicia glanced over at Drake, still knocked out, with the covers all jumbled in a ball at his feet, as he snored and drooled over the pillow.

“No, I was supposed to tell you that he is really sick and can’t make it, but definitely next week,” Alicia lied.

“That’s just like his lazy ass to miss a damn run,” Kisha mumbled under her breath.

“Hold on a minute girl,” Kisha continued. “Tyrone! Tyrone! Drake ain’t going!”

Kisha yelled so loud that Alicia was forced to hold the phone away from her ear. Then she heard them continue to argue until Tyrone finally got on the phone.

“Damnit, put that boy on the phone,” Tyrone ordered.

Tyrone was Drake’s Platoon Sergeant from the Army Reserves. He was also black, with a shaved head and muscular body. He wasn’t too serious about anything in life, except for being in shape. Tyrone loved to party and drink. He and Drake had such similar personalities that it wasn’t even funny.

“Sorry, but he’s in pretty bad shape. He was up late again last night with Rob,” Alicia replied.

“Oh, Rob still having them episodes?” Tyrone asked, in a serious tone.

Rob and Tyrone weren’t the best of friends, but nevertheless, they were friends and Tyrone felt sympathy for what happened to him.

“Yeah, and it was a bad one,” Alicia replied, tangling the phone cord around her finger. “I don’t really know the details, but I think he finally went over the edge.”

Drake started to cough loudly as he woke up.

“What the hell is going on here?” he asked, dazed and confused.

“Nothing hunney,” Alicia said, kissing him good morning. “Tyrone’s on the other line, do you want to talk to him?”

“No, that’s alright,” Drake said, rubbing his eyes. “Wait, yeah! I do got to tell him something.”

As soon as Drake got on the phone, Tyrone began yelling at him for sleeping in, until Drake cut him off, saying, “Who cares man, I got some good news.”

“What? Good news? What kind of good news?” Tyrone asked.

Drake looked at Alicia, who was slipping on a pair of sweatpants, not really paying any attention to what Drake was saying.

“Well, nothing is set in stone yet,” Drake said under his breath, “but start packing your bags. We get to blow up a serial killer and get this kick ass party spot at the same time.”

“Killer? Where?” Tyrone asked, excited.

“Jason Voorhees,” Drake informed him. “The guy that fucked up Rob’s mind, and we’re going to the old Crystal Lake campsite. All we need are some supplies to kick his ass, then we got the whole place to ourselves.”

“Oh, and I suppose you want me to get these supplies, don’t you?” Tyrone asked.

“You’re the supply sergeant, ain’t you?” Drake stated. “I’m sure you can get a hummer and some weapons for a weekend without anyone realizing it’s gone.”

“Bitch, shut the fuck up!” Tyrone yelled.

At first, Drake thought he was talking to him, but then he heard the argument on the other end of the line between Tyrone and Kisha. Drake just rolled his eyes and waited for the argument to cease.

“Sorry about that yo, but yeah I can get the supplies, but what’s in it for me?” Tyrone asked.

“Well maybe a weekend in the wilderness might settle Kisha down and get her off your back for awhile,” Drake replied, but he already knew that Tyrone was in.

“Yeah, maybe,” Tyrone responded. “Aight, fuck it, I’m in. When we leaving?”

“I’m not sure, but be ready by 4,” Drake replied. “We’ll meet up here in my apartment. You bring the ammo and I’ll bring the beer.”

“Okay, sounds good,” Tyrone answered. “Oh, by the way, who’s all going?”

“Just the five of us,” Drake stated. “Rob wanted to go alone, but he will have to deal with it.”

“Alright, I’ll keep it on the down low then dawg. See ya later,” Tyrone concluded as he hung up the phone.


“Forget it, you’re not going,” Rob said bluntly.

“Please Rob, it would be so romantic, and I promise I’ll make it worth your while,” said 21-year-old Jenny McGrath.

Jenny lived two doors down the hall from Rob, and ever since she was introduced to him by Krista, she wanted him. Despite that, Rob never really wanted anything to do with her.

Which is rare, because any other guy would die to be with Jenny. With her straight strawberry-blonde hair, D-cup breasts, and size 4 waist, she basically caused a traffic accident every time she crossed the street.

“I want to go, too,” added Rebecca Johnson, Jenny’s roommate and cousin.

At only 18 years of age, Rebecca moved in with Jenny only a few months ago. Her parents allowed her to move here to further pursue gymnastic career. She seemed to be some sort of a tomboy, standing at only 5 foot 3 with short, red hair.

“I don’t care if the President wants to go,” Rob replied firmly. “I’m going alone.”

“Damn,” Rebecca said as she went back to stretching on the floor.

“Listen Rob, Krista was my friend too,” Jenny said. “I want to kill this monster just as bad as you do, and if your going to have any chance in hell of surviving, then you need your friends there.”

“After all, there is strength in numbers,” Jenny continued as she stopped Rob from packing and looked him directly in the eye. “I’m going.”

Rob thought about it for a minute. Jenny and Krista were old friends, and she did have a good point about strength in numbers. Maybe I could use them in the plan, Rob pondered.

After a moment of deep thought Rob finally gave in and said, “Fine. You can come.”

Jenny and Rebecca both screamed with excitement as they both gave Rob a hug at the same time. Then they ran off to go and pack for the biggest date of their life.

A date with Jason Voorhees.

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