Rob saw Jason a split-second before Jenny's scream pierced the night air. Seeing Jason, Rob saw the last thing that both Nikki and Krista saw before they died. Now it was time to face the monster that haunted him both when he was awake and while he slept.

For some reason, he couldn't move. He wanted more than anything to unload all his ammo on that son of a bitch, but he just couldn't move.

He wasn't frozen with fear, because he no longer felt anything inside.

It was something else.

Something that paralyzed his already unstable mind.

Even after both Tyrone and Drake had opened fire, and with Jordan screaming in the earpiece to fire the M-60 so Jenny could run, he still couldn't pull the trigger.

He watched bullet after bullet go through Jason's decayed body, but none of them seemed to phase him as he kept closing in on Jenny.

Jenny dove to the ground and took cover, with her eyes closed and her hands over her ears to try and block out the sounds of the weapons firing.

He then heard Alicia and Rebecca screaming from behind him in the cabin, with C.J. trying to calm them down, but he sounded more nervous then they were.

The voices in his head kept telling him to shoot and protect Jenny. The same voices that sounded so much like Nikki and Krista's soft sweet voices were now telling them to protect her as if she was one of them.

Jason was now only a few feet away from Jenny, and both Drake and Tyrone were still firing at him.

A couple of shots seemed to actually hurt him, because it managed to stop him for a second, but then he kept moving again.

He was now directly over top of her, when Rob suddenly snapped.

He let out a scream of fury and unloaded the M-60 machine gun directly into Jason's chest.

Jason froze with the machete in mid-swing, as his entire body began to convulse from the repeated shots.

After Rob fired at least 50 shots directly at his chest area, he stopped, and Jason fell motionless to the ground.

After all the screams and gunfire, the night was silent once again.

Jordan was the first to break the silence, as he came billowing out and grabbed Jenny, carrying her away from the explosives toward cabin one.

He heard Rebecca crying in the cabin behind him.

As the door flung open, Alicia ran out calling Drakeís name.

Hearing her, Drake quickly yelled back, "Get back in the cabin! He might not be dead."

Tyrone opened fire once again into the Jasonís motionless body, yelling something about Kisha that no one could hear through the loud gunfire.

C.J. then ran out of the cabin, trying to get Alicia to come back in.

That was the last thing Rob remembered before he blacked out.


Norman was only 20 yards from the campsite when the first shot was fired.

He remembered seeing a tent, and seeing the clothes lying around everywhere. He got excited and thought he was going to see some real live breasts for the first time in many years.

Flustered, he began to run toward the tent.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the girl.

The tall, beautiful skinny girl.

Daydreaming for a second, Norman actually began to drool.

Then he heard he scream, and when she screamed, he also screamed, but didnít know why.

Then he thought World War 3 had started when he heard all of the gunshots echo through the air.

He managed to hide behind a tree, because he didn't want no nasty Nazi's shooting at him, no he didn't.

Then, after the big shots died down, he was able to see what they were shooting at.

They were shooting at his prize.

The prize that would make him famous.

No! Damn them Nazi's! They can't hurt my prize! I'll hurt them. Jason is supposed to be mine, Norman thought in his angry voice.

You idiot! They just did all the hard work for you! All you have to do now is run out there and claim your prize and be gone, his soft voice explained.

"Yes, yes, that's right," Norman said aloud to himself. "I will take my prize home with me, and polish him up and make him look nice and pretty for all the news people, and then I will be loved again in this community, I'll show them, I'll show them all."

He saw a man run past and grab the girl and carry her away, and then he heard more gunfire, ruining his prize even more, so Norman took action.

He ran out into the clearing in the middle of the cabins, and began yelling at that Nazi to stop shooting.

He heard one call down from above to get the hell away from here, and his prize sat up.

Norman froze dead in his tracks and looked Jason square in the eye, and let out a loud shriek of laughter.

"Youíre mine now, my precious prize!" he screamed as he ran toward Jason.

As he was running, he heard shouts from all different directions to stop, but that was nonsense.

Why should he stop when he was so close to claiming his prize?

Then those damn Nazi's were shooting at him. What nerve they had! Don't they know that bullets can't hurt the man of steel? Surprisingly, none of the bullets even came close to hitting him.

He ran past the tent and was ready to leap into mid-air to tackle Jason, when he tripped over something and lost his balance.

He went flying face first to the ground, and then heard a loud explosion directly behind him.

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