The blast shocked Rob awake from his blackout.

He looked around the surrounding area, and all he could see was smoke everywhere. It blanketed the campground like a dense fog on a warm summer night.

His earpiece was full of static, and he could barely make out Jordan asking everyone if they were okay. Realizing that it was worthless, he ripped it out of his ear and threw it on the ground, then flung open the hatch door of his hide-out and began calling names.

Rebecca was the first one to respond, saying, "Oh my god, I'm scared! Where is everyone else?" through a face full of tears.

"I'm not sure,” Rob calmly replied. “But I'm going to round everyone up and meet back here in this cabin. In the mean time, just stay here until I get back."

"No, I can't,” Rebecca whine back. “What if he's still out there? He'll kill me!"

"He’s gotta be dead. No one could have survived that blast. I am going to make sure, though. Trust me, you'll be safe here, just hide in the back and don't make a sound until I get back," Rob answered as he gently pushed her back inside and closed the door, then set out into the abyss to find his friends.


Jordan and Jenny barely made it inside cabin one when the mines went off. Neither one of them saw Norman, so they just assumed that their plan worked, and that it was indeed Jason who tripped the mines.

"Are you okay?" Jordan asked, checking her for any signs of cuts or bruises.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Jenny managed to cough out, holding back tears. "Is it over?"

"Yeah, it's over," Jordan assured her with a hug. "I’m going to make sure everyone else is okay, then we’ll meet back here, so just stay here until I make a sweep of the area and I'll be right back.”

"Oh hell no," Jenny piped back. "There is no way in hell you’re leaving me by myself. There ain’t a damn thing wrong with me. I can walk, so I'm coming with you!"

Jordan just looked at her, and reluctantly agreed to take her along. "Okay, you can come,” he stated, “but will have to wait here a little bit longer until some of the smoke settles."

"Thank you," Jenny replied softly, resting her head on his chest.


When Tyrone came to, he was somehow sitting on the branch that used to be underneath him.

"What the hell happened?" he asked himself as he rubbed his eyes and shook his head.

Then his memory returned, and he remembered firing shots at some maniac just before he tripped the wire, then everything went bright red and then pitch black.

Still blinded by the smoke, he slowly began to climb down the tree, feeling his way down wondering if Jason was close enough to the blast to of been blown apart as well.

Mines weren't his specialty, so he had no idea what the blast radius was. Nonetheless, he was going to find out where this masked fucker was if he had to search every inch of this campground to put the pieces together.

But first, he needed to find the rest of the group which was easier said than done. With all the smoke, he could barely see his hand in front of his face, let alone five or ten feet ahead of him.

Then, taking a deep breath, Tyrone slapped another magazine into his M-16 and set off into the haze in search of his friends.


Alicia woke up somewhere in the middle of the woods. The blast must of somehow carried her off into the distance, because she had no clue where she was.

She looked around and didn’t recognize anything around here, so she started to panic.

Hallucinating, she looked around and felt like she was blind. The fact was, she had no idea if she was alive, or if she had died and gone to heaven.

Finally, she rubbed her eyes, and the smoke began to clear a bit. Through the smoke, she could faintly make out what looked like the shore of Crystal Lake.

Slowly making her way toward the lakefront, she figured she could at least find the dock, then find the trail that led back to camp.

She headed that way, when she heard a man coughing in the opposite direction, then saw a figure suddenly sit up and rub his head.

"C.J.! Is that you?" she called out.

"Yeah,” was C.J.’s grim reply. “Is that you Alicia?"

"It's me,” she called back. “You stay still, I'm making my way over to you right now.”

A few seconds later, she was right at his side.

"How are you doing? Is your head alright," Alicia asked, worried about his earlier concussion.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he replied, rubbing his head again. "Are YOU alright?" he asked, noticing blood running down her forearm.

"Yeah, I must of got a little scrape," she replied. "Let's get moving, I want to find Drake and make sure he's okay, then head back to camp to find the others."

"Sounds like a plan," he replied as Alicia helped him to his feet, and the two set out to the lake.


"Ouch! Son of bitch!" Drake moaned as he lay on the ground in another area of the camp.

He remembered seeing his mines go off, but then he flew out of the tree from the force of the blast, and that was the last thing he remembered.

All he knew now was that he was out in the middle of nowhere and he was in intense pain.

He looked down and almost threw up at the sight of his leg.

It was bent backwards, and he could see a bit of the bone sticking out directly below the kneecap.

He struggled to hold back both screams and tears at the same time.

He lost his earpiece in the blast, so calling for help was out of the question, and he didn't want to risk yelling in the woods, for fear that Jason somehow managed to survive the blast.

Groaning, he took off his belt and applied a tourniquet right underneath his knee to try and slow down the bleeding until help could arrive.

Luckily for Drake, his M-16 landed next to him. But when he checked the chamber, he realized he was out of ammo and that his ammo pouch was empty as well.

Damn, shit must of flew out when I was airborne, he thought to himself.

Still, he held his M-16 tight in his hands as a sense of security.

A few moments later, he heard someone coming to his side, and felt a great sense of relief.

"Tyrone, is that you buddy?” he called out. “Look man, my leg is busted up. I need to get to a hospital fast, if there is even a hospital in this bumfuck town."

But there was no response.

"Tyrone?” he called out softer. “Jordan, Rob, is anybody there?"

Then, all of a sudden, the figure of Jason Voorhees emerged into sight, breathing heavily through his mask and looking down at Drake with hate in his eye.

"Oh shit!" was all Drake could manage to scream.

His instincts quickly over, as he took out his bayonet and attached it to the end of his M-16.

When Jason reached down to grab him, Drake slashed with all his might at his legs, and Jason quickly recoiled in pain.

When he came back toward him, Drake attempted to stab him in the stomach, but this time Jason caught the barrel before it plunged into his stomach.

Much to Drake’s dismay, Jason bent back the entire barrel of the gun and plunged Drake’s own bayonet straight through his eye.

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