“Hey, I hope you guys didn’t have too much fun without me,” Drake said as the trio emerged from the tree line.

It only took them around 15 minutes to get back to the horseshoe of cabins, and nightfall was rapidly approaching.

“Well, I can’t exactly speak for Rob here, but it’s been quiet,” Jordan answered. “How about you guys, did you find anything?”

“Nothing,” Tyrone shamefully responded. “I never should of brought her along. This is all my fault.”

“Don’t say that,” Alicia said, trying to comfort him. “Kisha wanted to come. You can’t blame yourself for her stubbornness.”

“Exactly, we need you to keep your head on straight now, soldier,” Jordan added.

“I’ll be fine,” Tyrone commented. “Hey, where is Rob anyway?”

“Boo,” Rob called down from a high place.

“What the fuck?” Drake asked, looking around.

“Up here,” Rob replied again, from the tree directly above them.

“Holy shit! I hope that’s my tree,” Drake said, still struggling to spot Rob in-between all the branches and leaves.

“You and Tyrone can decide that later,” Jordan explained. “Right now I need to set up the mine field, and Alicia is going to have to head over to cabin five until everything is over and done with.”

“Alicia, hunney…” Drake started to say, but she cut him off.

“I understand baby, just please take care of yourself,” she stated, planting a long kiss goodnight on his lips. “I love you,” she added as she walked away without saying another word.

“Okay, let’s do this shit,” Drake said, fired up.

Jordan just smiled and shook his head in agreement, and the two went to work around the tent, while Rob took Tyrone over to show him his position.


“Alicia, you made it back!” Rebecca squealed as she walked into the cabin.

Her excitement ceased, however, when she noticed that Kisha wasn’t with her.

“Where’s Kisha?” Rebecca worriedly asked.

“No luck, I’m sorry,” Alicia replied as she broke out into tears.

“Aww, it’s okay hunney, I’m sure she’ll turn up eventually,” Rebecca assured her, giving her a hug. Jenny also came over and hugged her as well.

“I don’t really know her, but I’m sure she’ll be fine,” C.J. added. “But you guys are going to have to keep it down.”

Alicia just nodded and the three girls went and sat in the far corner of the cabin.

Jenny took out Rebecca’s Walkman and listened to Puddle of Mudd’s “Blurry,” as the others tried their best to keep quiet.

C.J. paced back and forth in the cabin, peeking out the window every once in a while to see what was going on.


Drake and Jordan were able to dig four holes around the tent before it became pitch black. Tyrone was up in the tree on the east side of the horseshoe, and Rob was manned under the porch with the M-60.

Jordan now had out his red lens flashlight while Drake planted mines around all four corners of the tent. It didn’t really take him long to do that, because Drake could of planted mines in his sleep. The real tricky part was connecting a trip wire from mine to mine, so if Jason tripped one wire, all four mines would go off and blow him into the next county.

They finished up a short while later, and gave each other one last handshake, wished each other good luck, and went to their respective posts.

Once Jordan got settled in, he radioed to the others: “Seagull has nested. I repeat, Seagull has nested.”

Soon after, Drake chimed in with his response: “Roger that, Eagle 2 is also nested.”

“We copy, let’s keep the chatter down for a while boys, Eagle 1 out,” Tyrone transmitted back.

“Copy that, it’s time to get hot, Groundhog out,” Rob radioed.

In position and ready to go, dead silence filled the air as they anticipated the events and horror that the night would bring.

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