That night in the small town of Crystal Lake, Massachusetts, it was unnervingly cold and quiet.

There were no sounds of animals, no insects buzzing around, and even the water in the lake seemed to lie still. The few stars that were in the sky were covered by a black haze in the sky. The only thing that seemed right about this night was the bright full moon, which gleamed brightly in the otherwise blank night sky.

"It's the calm before the storm," Norman Bailey said to himself as he made his way through the woods, trying to be as quiet as his surroundings.

I've lived here long enough, from around the third set of murders over at that Higgins Haven dump, to the name change to Forest Green, I’ve been through it all, he thought as he slowly climbed over a fallen log.

He then stopped and looked around a bit, and then kept going on his path.

Norman was wearing a flannel shirt with blue jeans and hiking boots, with his gray hair combed neatly back and his dentures freshly polished. He carried a small mini Mag-Lite flashlight, even though he didn't really need it because the moonlight was enough for an old veteran of these woods.

Yep, everything was starting to go great. Jason Voorhees got blown to hell in a plane, and I was finally able to land me a decent job working at that old hotel, he thought to himself.

"It's just like this damn town to turn on me after all I’ve done for it!" he asked himself angrily.

Then he continued, but in a softer, gentler voice: "It's not your fault Norman old buddy. All you got to do is prove that Jason Voorhees is still alive, and you're off the hook come tomorrow’s trial."

"It doesn't matter! My good name is ruined forever!” the angry voice replied back, taking over. “Krista Goldwater was a hero to this town. It won't matter if I chain Jason up myself and put him on display in town square like he was fucking King Kong. The folks will still hate me!"

Norman had stopped walking and now just paced back and forth as he argued with himself.

"Now you know that isn't true Norman. You’re more of a hero in this town than she will ever be,” the soft voice answered back. “All you have to do is prove your innocence and you're a free man."

"But she killed Jason Voorhees! She wasn’t just any hero, she was a superhero!” the angry voice yelled back as Norman spread his arms and tried to fly around like he was Superman.

"It's very simple then,” the soft voice replied. “You have to kill Jason Voorhees, and then you will be a superhero as well. A FREE superhero."

"Yes, yes!” Norman shouted in his normal, raspy voice. “I will kill him, and I'll be rich and famous, and, and, FREE! Free I tell you!"

With that, he began to skip back down the trail toward the old campground.


"You know what? This sucks!" Jenny yelled. "I'm tired of sitting around and doing nothing! I want to see Rob."

"Jenny be quiet," Alicia hissed back. "Just be patient already, we’re all bored, but we aren't up here tonight to party, so just deal with it!"

"Whatever," Jenny replied back, putting her hand up and giving Alicia a look of disgust.

"No, not whatever, you’re going to sit down and be quiet right now," C.J. ordered sternly.

Jenny just looked at him funny, but sat down anyway.

C.J. just glanced back at Alicia as if to say, ‘we’re going to have a problem with her tonight,’ and then peered out the window again once more before sitting back down with his back against the door, wondering what others problems they would have tonight.

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