“What the fuck do you mean Kisha is missing?” Tyrone asked furiously.

“I don’t know what happened man,” Drake explained. “Now that I think about it, when we heard the scream, everyone panicked and ran down here. I think Kisha might have ran the other direction.”

With that, the men all took off running, with Jordan lagging behind to help C.J., who was doing much better and could walk on his own.

They arrived back at the horseshoe of cabins to find Jenny and Rebecca holding each other with a worried look on their faces, and Alicia screaming for Kisha with tears running down her face.

“Her vehicle is still here, so she couldn’t have gone far,” Jordan pointed out, when he noticed her parked 4-Runner still where they left it.

“Son of a bitch, what are we gonna do?” Rob asked. “Jason is out there, and we still don’t have anything set up.”

“Well I don’t give a shit about all of that, all I know is my baby is out there somewhere, and I got to find her before it’s too late,” Tyrone replied.

“I’m coming with you then,” Drake insisted.

“Me too,” Alicia added, when Rob motioned to her to keep quiet.

“Okay, here’s what’s going to happen,” Jordan intervened. “You three can search for Kisha, but you have until 18 hundred hours to find her, then you report back, with or without her.”

Tyrone just nodded his head.

“I will stay and help Rob set up the perimeter,” Jordan continued, “While Jenny and Rebecca can look after C.J.”

Rob didn’t seem to like that idea too much, but he knew there was no way of convincing Tyrone otherwise.

He was also beginning to regret bringing them along with him on this trip.

“Hold on, I got something,” Rob said, running toward the hummer and grabbing a bag out of the passenger’s seat.

“What you got there chief?” Drake asked curiously.

“Some walkie-talkie ear pieces,” Rob replied as he pulled some out of the bag. “I only have four, but that should be plenty. Keep these on at all times.”

He then handed one to Drake, Tyrone, and Jordan, and kept one for himself.

“Sorry C.J., but I wasn’t exactly planning on you joining us,” Rob explained.

“Hey no problem, I’m just lucky to be alive right now,” C.J. replied.

“What the hell! Who’s C.J.?” Jenny asked as she and Rebecca joined the circle.

“Oh, he’s just the dead guy you tripped over,” Rob joked.

“Wonderful, more zombies to deal with,” Rebecca said as the girls introduced themselves to their new comrade.

“Alright we’re wasting time,” Tyrone said. “We’ll keep in touch. See you in a couple of hours.”

“Yeah kids, now don’t go and burn the house down while we’re away,” Drake added.

With that, Drake, Tyrone, and Alicia took off down the nearest path, in search of Kisha.


Once the three left, Rob showed C.J. and the girls their plan for the night, and Jordan walked back to the hummer and got his green duffel bag.

Both C.J. and the girls were pleased with what Rob and the other guys were able to come up with.

Jordan then walked back to the hummer and came back carrying a large gun, and set it on the porch of cabin five.

“This is about all we can set up now until the others get back,” Jordan explained, taking out a small shovel from the duffel bag.

“What do you call that big gun?” Rebecca asked as she walked up to Jordan, but she wasn’t looking at the machine gun Jordan had laid out. She was looking directly at his crotch.

“Oh, it’s an M-60 machine gun,” Jordan replied, as he noticed her gaze and got really red in the face.

“Oh, is that what you call it?” Rebecca asked, brushing up against him. “Can you maybe show me how you use it?”

Jordan just started to stutter something, when Rob intervened.

“Alright enough of this hanky panky Rebecca,” Rob yelled. “We got serious shit to do. You can celebrate after it’s all over.”

“I want you to tend to C.J. and make sure he doesn’t fall asleep,” Rob added. “I think he may have a serious concussion. Jenny, Jordan and I are going to take care of the cabin five post.”

“Aye, aye captain,” Rebecca replied with a mock salute, helping C.J. over to the porch of cabin four.

Jenny just squealed with excitement, thrilled to be helping.

“Okay, Jenny, here’s what’s going to happen,” Rob explained, as Jordan began to pry loose some boards on the porch.

“I am going to be posted underneath this porch, armed with the M-60,” Rob continued. “Jordan and I are going to clear out a foxhole under here. All I want you to do is to spread out the dirt we throw out around it to make it look unnoticeable.”

“Well isn’t the big hole in the porch going to be kind of obvious?” Jenny asked when she noticed what Jordan was doing.

“No, the boards will still be there, just not nailed down," Rob answered. "That is going to be my emergency escape route if I run into trouble.”

“Oh, good idea,” was all Jenny could say, as the three frantically went to work on the first trick they had up their sleeve.

At the same time Rob, Jenny, and Jordan were working at cabin five, and while Drake, Tyrone, and Alicia searched the unfamiliar surrounding area of the campground, Jason Voorhees was on the other side of the lake, slowly making his way through the woods and back to his camp, unaware of the trespassers.

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