It didn’t take long to finish the makeshift foxhole under the porch, as Jordan and Rob wasted no time executing the rest of their plan.

Rob and Jordan were talking off in the distance, and Jenny couldn’t hear a word they were saying. She just thought about how in the hell she was going to be able to give Rob the little surprise she had packed with everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Her thoughts then drifted to Kisha. She really couldn’t stand the girl, but she was now really feeling bad for her, and sort of felt guilty for telling her all those horror stories on the trip out there.

Then she noticed Jordan run off somewhere and Rob approaching her with a pleased look on his face.

She took advantage of this opportunity and ran up to him, running her hand across his chest.

“So, is it time to take a break yet?” Jenny asked with a puppy dog look on her face.

“Hell no, we got a lot of work left to do,” Rob replied, looking at the sheet he had drawn up. “Damn, I really wish Drake hadn’t gone. I need his expertise with the most important part.”

Rob continued to glance at his sheet as he looked out into the surrounding woods hoping to see the trio emerge with Kisha.

“What do you need him to do?” Jenny asked, still hanging all over him.

But Rob didn’t even take notice because he was fixated on the task at hand.

“Look, I need you to do a really important job for me, ok?” Rob asked.

“Whatever you want baby,” Jenny replied in a sexy voice.

“I need you to pitch a tent right here in the dead center of all these cabins and make it look like someone is staying inside it,” Rob stated, finally taking notice to Jenny’s flirting.

“But, I’m kind of tired,” Jenny sighed with disappointment. “Can’t you get Rebecca to do this or something?”

“Look at it this way, the sooner you get this done, the sooner we can take a break,” Rob replied with a grin on his face, as he playfully smacked Jenny on her ass. She didn’t know it, but he had no intention of taking a break with her at all.

Jenny, who seemed as if she just got sent a bolt of extra energy, suddenly sprang upright and went straight to work.

Rob then walked up to Rebecca and C.J., who were straining from laughing after seeing Rob’s four-star performance with Jenny.

“Encore, encore,” Rebecca whispered so Jenny wouldn’t hear.

Rob just sent her a look to keep quiet and asked C.J., “so how you holding up?”

“I’m feeling fine now, I guess I just needed a few laughs,” C.J. replied. “Rebecca here is a real riot, you know.”

Rob just rolled his eyes in the back of his head.

“Okay, I’m glad to hear that,” he replied. “Do you happen to have any sort of weapon on you?”

“Actually yeah I do,” C.J. replied. “We don’t normally get any weapons issued to us, but I guess it was the nature of this mission for us to get one.”

“Okay, good, what do you got?” Rob asked, relieved because they had no other weapons for him to use.

“It’s actually kind of a weird issue,” C.J. said as he struggled to take the gun from his back holster. “It’s a 44-Magnum,” he said as he finally got it free and help it up for Rob to see.

As soon as Rob saw the gun, that weird feeling came over him again. He stepped backward and almost fell, covering his eyes with his hands. When his eyes closed, he saw the same gun that C.J. held up being fired in his head repeatedly.

“Rob, are you okay?” Rebecca asked, springing to her feet to hold him steady. C.J. also stood up, worried that he did something wrong.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Rob reassured them as he took off after Jordan. “If you’re feeling up to it, go give Jenny a hand pitching the tent.”

“Hey what’s the deal with him?” C.J. asked.

“Oh yeah, I guess you should be informed,” Rebecca replied.

“Well just to sum it up for you, Rob had two twin sisters both murdered by Jason at this very camp,” Rebecca explained. “That’s kind of the main reason we are here now.”

“Oh, man,” was all C.J. could say as he shook his head in sorrow.

“Yeah, and ever since we got here, weird things have been happening to him, as if something triggers off past memories or something,” Rebecca continued. “I’m not really sure, and neither is he.”

“I hope he’ll be alright,” C.J. replied.

“Yeah, he’ll be fine,” Rebecca stated. “Rob’s one tough cookie.”

“Hey we better go give Jenny a hand before she hurts someone,” Rebecca continued as she motioned toward Jenny who was having major trouble with the tent.


“Drake, I’m scared. What if we can’t find her?” Alicia asked quietly.

“Don’t worry baby, we’ll find her,” Drake replied. “She couldn’t of gotten too far.”

They had been moving silently in a line through the woods for the past hour, and there was still no sign of Kisha. Tyrone was at the head, with Alicia and Drake bringing up the rear.

They had searched all the back cabins, a few restrooms, and a boarded up lounge, and had made almost a complete circle around the camp, but they still came up empty-handed.

“Hey you two, keep it down back there,” Tyrone whispered back.

As he finished his sentence, Jordan echoed in over their earpiece: “What’s your situation? Is there any sign of her yet?”

“No sign, sir,” Tyrone replied. “We’re going to make another circle around the perimeter, then we’ll head back.”

“Roger that, just be careful, out,” Jordan replied, ending their transmission.

“What’s the plan now?” Drake asked.

“Let’s make one more circle,” Tyrone stated. “If we can’t find her, we will call it a night and pick up again in the morning. If I know Kisha, she just got really scared and needed a little bit to cool off. She’ll be back.”

“Please be okay girl,” Alicia said to herself.

With that, the trio began to move silently down the trail again, when a loud rustle directly ahead of them stopped them dead in their tracks.

Tyrone raised his M-16 and waited for the figure to emerge.

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