Before another word could be said, Jason crashed through the bushes directly behind them and grabbed Carrie by the back of her head, throwing her to the ground like a rag doll. Then, with one swift motion, Jason raised his machete and brought it down, aiming directly at Carrieís head.

In that split second, Kevin pulled out his nine millimeter pistol that he had tucked away and was able to fire a shot, causing Jason to miss Carrieís head by a fraction of an inch.

However, the machete did connect with part of her body as it sliced her right arm down to her elbow.

Carrie screamed in immense pain as blood rushed from her arm, quickly staining her shirt red.

ďNo! You motherfucker! Die!Ē Kevin screamed as something inside his head snapped. He then began firing his nine on Jason at close range.

The shots took Jason off guard, as he stumbled backward.

Kevin never let up, continually firing shots at Jasonís skull and upper body from nearly five feet away, until eventually he ran out of rounds.

After that happened, Kevin just dropped his pistol to the ground and tackled Jason, which caused him enormous pain in his mid-section. But pain didnít matter anymore. Nothing mattered.

Kevin lost all sense of his surroundings as he could only focus on Jason, repeatedly pummeling him in his head. The two then rolled down a short hill back to the shore of Crystal Lake.

Kevinís right hand quickly turned into mince meat from the repeated blows to Jasonís hockey mask. Kevin himself wouldnít have been able to recognize it if he saw it. All the skin was ripped from his knuckles and his entire hand was red from the blood gushing from them.

Kevin continued hammering Jason with every punch he could muster, until finally, one of his blows connected directly with the nose on the mask and shattered the mask (along with the bones in Kevinís hand) into pieces.

Jason roared with anger, and tossed Kevin aside.

Jason stood up and the entire right side of his mask fell to the ground, while the left side, seemingly grown onto his face, remained intact.

The right side of Jasonís hideous face was now exposed, along with his only good eye, glaring at Kevin with pure hate and anger.

Kevin backpedaled on his hands and feet as his pain caught back up with him, making it hard to move. He could no longer feel his hand, and he was having trouble breathing. Blood began to seep into his eyes, blurring his vision.

He continued backward, and noticed Jason once again regaining control of his infamous machete.

Kevin had little strength to continue on any further, but in his last attempt to move, his left hand struck something metal.

It was one of his AK 47ís. Kevin picked it up in his left hand, and tried to get the best sight picture of Jason, and just fired wildly.

The AK only had about 10 rounds left before it clicked on empty, and only a few managed to strike Jason as the rest went astray.

One of the stray shots hit a dug up power line that used to run underneath the lake, and it sent sparks flying wildly into the air, catching some of the surrounding trees and brush on fire.

Kevin just laid there in disbelief as the unstoppable killing machine known as Jason Voorhees walked slowly toward him through the fire, clutching his bloodied machete, with only half of his white hockey mask in place over his hideous face.

Then suddenly, another loud thud echoed through the air, and an instant later, Jason was sent sprawling backward, rocked by another explosion.

Everything was a blur now to Kevin. He knew from the sound of the explosion that Rob had gotten off his final shot from his 203, but he didnít know if it would be enough.

Just as Kevin was going to give up all hope, Carrie appeared beside him. In that second of seeing her beautiful face, he saw Krista again. In fact, he not only saw Krista, but he saw her strength and he knew he could not let Jason live as long as he had breath in his lungs.

Kevin began to see things clearer now, as Carrie wrapped a bandage around his forehead to stop the blood from running into his eyes.

What he saw next seemed to happen in slow motion as Rob came barreling out from behind the brush where they last saw him.

He pulled out a grenade from his belt and held it high in hand.

He took Jason by surprise, who was slowly getting up after being hit hard from the explosion. A hole had been blown inside his mid-section.

ďNo!Ē Carrie screamed after she realized what Rob was planning to do.

Kevin could only smirk in bittersweet victory. He knew it would all be over once Rob dropped that pin.

Rob grabbed Jason and put him in a bear hug, plunging his hand deep inside the hole in his mid-section, and dropped the pin.

As he waited for his life to end and to become a ghost, he saw both Nikki and Krista standing there smiling, with their beautiful faces welcoming their brother home.

Rob waited for the explosion which would ultimately send both of them to their doom.

However, after waiting what seemed like an entire lifetime, the grenade did not explode. It was a dud.

Rob and Kevinís eyes widened in horror simultaneously, as Jason plunged his machete deep through Robís mid-section.

Rob tried to scream, but only choked up blood. Carrie let out a blood-curdling scream and looked on in horror.

Rob fell to his knees in disbelief, as Jason repeatedly plunged his machete in and out of Robís body.

Rob expired as Jason stood there, admiring his achievement. Carrie then frantically tried to revive a motionless Kevin, but he would not budge. Jason spun around and stared directly at her, symbolizing that she was next. Carrie let out another blood-curdling scream as she looked into the hideous face of Jason Voorhees, now only half-hidden by the white hockey mask.

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