Carrie was hysterical as Jason inched his way closer to her, glaring at her through his now-exposed good eye.

“No!” Carrie yelled, still trying to revive Kevin, who remained motionless. Tears streamed down her face as she quickly glanced over at Rob, whose body lay flat on his back. His head was tilted toward her, and his lifeless eyes just stared at her, still surprised that Jason had managed to get the best of him.

Then, before Carrie knew it, Jason was right next to her, grasping his machete for the final kill. She slowly looked up at him, and held back the urge to throw up as she got a clear view of half of Jason’s rotted, deformed face.

Covering her mouth to keep from puking, Carrie screamed and backed away, not knowing what to do. Jason just stood there and gawked at her, then raised his arm to strike her down with his machete. And that’s when Carrie sprang into action. She successfully kicked Jason in the groin, causing the monster to growl in agony and drop his machete. Carrie instinctively picked it up and sliced the demon across the chest and then stuck the machete through the hole in his chest and out his back. The weakened and surprised Jason fell to the ground with a thud as Carrie collapsed on the beach next to Kevin.

Catching her breath and collecting herself, Carrie, flat on her back, rolled over to check Kevin—and he was looking right back at her! That immediately gave her enough energy to get back to her feet to try to help him out.

“Kevin!” Carrie exclaimed. “Come on, we’re getting out of here!”

Kevin couldn’t reply. He just spit up some more blood as the unmistakable metallic taste of blood found his tongue yet again. His eyes were bloodshot as he looked at her, and then at Jason with the machete sticking up from his body.

Carrie helped him back to his feet, and they started to head toward the cabins, when the severed power line sparked up the fire near the dock, sending the flames shooting onto the dock and dangerously close to them.

“Ahh!” Carrie screamed, struggling to keep Kevin upright. In fact, with the little strength she had left, there was no way she was going to be able to drag him back up the trail.

“Carrie,” Kevin said, breaking his silence.

Surprised, Carrie replied, “Yeah?”

“Leave me here,” he somberly answered.

“No! I won’t!” Carrie cried back. “You listen to me, we’re gonna get out of here, and we’re gonna be just fine!”

“No, Carrie,” was Kevin’s mellow response. “You can’t drag me all the way back up there. If you leave me here, you can go get help in time.”

“I can’t leave you!” She cried.

“Please Carrie,” Kevin said, looking into her eyes. Carrie then noticed as tears began to stream down his face, mixed with the blood that he had already lost. “Leave me here, before it’s too late.”

However, before Carrie could reply, a powerful hand grasped her by her injured arm and tossed her violently to the ground. It was Jason, who, even in his weakened state, was still stronger than both Carrie and Kevin combined.

Without Carrie’s support, Kevin fell flat on his face on the sand, right on the water’s edge. His hand touched the water for a brief second, and Kevin was shocked—literally—when he pulled his hand back. An electric shock had jolted through his body as he managed to roll over. It was then that Kevin noticed that the severed power line had settled inside the lake and turned it into one giant superconductor.

Kevin struggled mightily, but somehow managed to get back to his feet. He noticed Jason about 20 feet ahead stalking Carrie, who had hit her head on a rock. She appeared to be in bad shape and was barely moving. Jason then pulled the machete out of his own stomach and prepared for the final death blow.

“Mother fucker! Die!” Kevin yelled as he mustered up all the energy he had left in an all-out sprint. Kevin tackled Jason onto the dock, and hit him with so much force, that both Kevin and Jason went flying off of the dock— and into the electrically-charged Crystal Lake below.

Sparks flew off in all directions and smoke rapidly began to rise from the lake. Carrie, dazed and confused, sat up and noticed the turmoil and immediately limped down to the dock, calling out to Kevin. A moment later, an explosion caused her to take cover as a wave of water narrowly missed electrocuting her as well. It was then that she realized that the explosion must have been the grenade that Rob had put inside of Jason, and that the electric shock must have triggered it.

Carrie then continued to call out to Kevin, but there was no response. An awful sizzling sound emanated from the air as an acrid, putrid odor pierced her nostrils. Coughing, Carrie searched both sides of the dock for a sign of life as she fought back the odor, with tears rolling down her bruised cheek.

“Kevin!” She cried with no response. She tried to reach into the water, but the shock made her jerk her hand quickly back away from it. There was no sign of either Kevin or Jason.

Just then, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Kevin’s shoe floating on the edge of the lake. She rushed over and found that Kevin had drifted ashore.

Careful not to get shocked, Carrie dragged him by his legs away from the lake. When she turned him over, she gasped. Gone were the handsome, all-American boy features that Kevin had once sported. In its place was a burnt, mangled mass of nothing with two barely distinguishable eyes and a mouth.

Carrie then burst into tears as she saw his lifeless body just lying there, helpless and dead. When it was safe to touch him, she hugged him tight and just sat there on the lakeshore, crying her eyes out.

She tried to look at what were once his eyes, but she couldn’t seem to find them in the mess that used to be his face. But then, all of a sudden, his eyes opened and he stared right at her.

“Oh my god!” she gasped.

All Kevin mumbled was “Krista.”

With tears beading up on her pretty eyelashes, Carrie knew it was his time, and simply said, “Go to her, Kevin. Go to her.”

And in that instant, Kevin closed his eyes and passed away.


Kevin suddenly found himself not on the shores of Crystal Lake, but somewhere much better and much more rewarding.

At that instant, nothing mattered to Kevin. He found himself draped in bright white garments and surrounded by gleaming white light all around him. He no longer felt pain, and there were no bruises or marks at all on him. In fact, his gruesome mangled mass of nothing was no more, and his handsome, all-American good looks had returned.

Kevin walked down a long, tall hallway headed off into oblivion. Along the way, he saw many familiar faces looking at him—smiling at him. Many of the faces he recognized from old newspaper clippings or TV broadcasts over the years. Then he saw his cousin Scott standing there.

“Good to see you, cuz,” Scott said. Kevin just smiled as he noticed Nikki there with him. She looked absolutely stunning.

“Long time, Kevin,” She said.

“Yeah,” Kevin replied.

Rob was with them, too. Like Kevin, his boyish good looks had returned and he was free of any injury or scar.

Rob just smiled as they embraced in a brotherly hug.

“We did it, bro,” He said. Kevin didn’t reply. He just nodded in agreement when another, brighter light caught his eye.

He grinned from ear to ear and began to cry as she approached.

It was Krista.

She was more beautiful and gorgeous than ever before.

“What took you so long?” Krista cried as they held each other, finally reunited in the afterlife.

“I love you,” was all Kevin could say.

“I love you, too,” was all Krista could say as they held each other tight.

When Kevin turned around, he gasped, and then looked back at Krista.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I think you two know each other. We’re all together here now. It’s fine.”

There, standing before him with her reddish-brown hair flowing like a wavy pasture and her ice-blue eyes gleaming at him, was Jessica, his long lost love.

“Hello Kevin,” She said.

Kevin just smiled as they embraced.

Kevin’s life had truly gone full circle and was now complete.

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