Feeling the heat pierce her nostrils, Krista came to.

Not knowing how long she had been out, she immediately sprang up to her feet and looked around for Jason, but strangely enough, he wasnít there.

Only Krista and the flames.

Noticing that the flames were quickly spreading, Krista knew she had to get out of there, but where would she go from here?

Looking around, she noticed a dirty table in the center of the room, and a closet over in the corner.

She had no clue where to go or what to do.

She did, however, look down and see that Jason had left his ax, so she immediately snatched it up.

Then she heard a noise in one of the adjoining rooms, and figured she better hide.

With few options to take, Krista chose the closet and pulled the door shut behind her, leaving just enough space so that she could see into the room without being discovered.

Immediately after, Jason came busting through the double doors that led to the room.

He was carrying a machete.

Holding her breath and trying not to move, Krista watched Jasonís every move.

Nice change, Krista thought. Me watching him instead of him watching me.

Jason pranced around the room, desperately looking for Krista.

Then, realizing that he may have lost his kill, started to growl and tear the room apart.

First, he knocked the table over, then he tore the double doors off of their hinges.

Krista, in the closet, almost started to laugh, but her momentary happiness was about to end, as a hot piece of wood fell onto her leg and burnt it bad.

She let out a yelp, but not before putting her hand over her mouth to stop most of the scream.

Jason immediately turned his head, looking in her direction.

Slowly walking toward the closet, heel-to-toe, heel-to-toe, Jason was now at the door, trying to stare inside.

Krista, smelling the burnt flesh of her leg, looked down to see how bad the burn was.

Her entire leg was beet red, and the whole lower half of her leg was singed.

Jason put his hand on the doorknob, and Krista immediately began to tense up and clutch her ax tighter.

But then Jason suddenly turned away and began to head out the doors and into the burning hallway.

Maybe even Jason knew enough to get out of a burning building.

Watching Jason all the way out with her eyes, Krista then turned her attention to her leg.

She tore a part of her shirt off and wrapped her leg in it, hoping to shield it from infection.

Dammit, she thought, barely being able to walk on the leg.

ďKevin,Ē she murmured, instantly bringing tears to her eyes.

She then looked up and saw that the top floor was about to cave in on her, so she quickly got out of the closet and started out the doors.

She then came out into the foyer, where a steep set of stairs await.

She tried her best to go down them, but she was going too slow.

The rain sure helped to contain the fire, but that was only on the exterior of the structure.

Inside, the fire was very much alive.

And if she didnít get out of there soon, each floor of the house would collapse like dominoes, and before long, the whole house would be rubble.

Starting to limp down the stairs, Krista went to grab the wall with one hand for support, still clinging to the ax, when, she turned back around andó

There he was.


Ready to strike.

He swung his machete with a mighty thwack, and knocked the ax out of Kristaís hand. Now vulnerable, Jason struck again, hitting Krista right in her side, sending her crashing down the stairs.

Jason then slowly descended, moving in to finish off the job.

Krista, lying there bloody and helpless, could barely move.

Jason then stood over her and raised his arm high above his head, with the flames seemingly encircling them.

Just then, a shot rang out.

It connected with Jason in the head and sent him sprawling backward onto the floor.

Krista then quickly looked back, recognizing the 44 Magnum's force.

Which meant...

Kevin! He wasnít dead!

Kevin paid no attention to Krista right away. He just stared at Jason and waited for him to get up, which he did a few seconds later.

Kevin then fired five more rounds out of the gun, all with precision accuracy, connecting with Jasonís head, while yelling, "Die, motherf*cker, Die!"

Jason, growling louder and more ferocious than ever, fell backward onto the floor, but because the fire weakened the floor more than it already was, Jason fell through the floorboards and crashed down into the basement.

Krista then limped over to Kevin and hugged him.

"Are you ok?" Kevin asked. "Iím sorry I didnít get here sooner."

"I thought you were dead," Krista said, hugging him tighter and then kissing him hard on the lips, happy to see he was still alive.

"The townspeople were right," Kevin said. "This place is cursed. Jason lives!"

"But not for long," Kevin continued, re-loading the gun. "I am gonna finish way or another."

"We need help," Krista replied. "We gotta call the cops."

"Dammit!" Kevin yelled. "I should have done that before I came here. Scott has a cell phone in his SUV."

"Itís ok," Krista replied. "If you hadnít come when you did, Iíd be toast."

"I have a plan," Kevin said. "Can you walk?"

"Yeah, barely," Krista replied. "What do you have in mind?"

"I want you to find your way back to Scottís SUV and get on his cell phone and call for help," Kevin stated.

"Wait a minute! What about you?" Krista asked.

"I will hold him off as long as I can," Kevin answered. "By the time you get back and the authorities get here, I will either have killed Jason or they can finish what we started without me."

"But..." Krista piped back, even though she knew it sounded like a good plan.

"No butts!" Kevin harshly replied, before mellowing out. "Please...go."

"Okay," Krista said, as they exchanged a soft, loving kiss, hoping it would not be their last.

"And Krista," Kevin said as she started to walk away.

"Yeah?" she said, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"I love you, always remember that," Kevin ended.

"I love you, too," Krista finished, hiking off into the diminishing rain.

Then, suddenly, from behind, Kevin was pulled back into the house by Jason, who had emerged from his basement prison.

Choking Kevin profusely, Jason was trying to end it right there, knowing the house would give way any second.

Kevin then pointed his gun over his shoulder and pulled the trigger.


And again.

And again.

All tolled, he emptied his gun into Jason again.

The only problem was that those were the last bullets he had.

Kevin then turned around to see Jason hunched in the corner with bullet holes all over his body.

Realizing the gun was no good to him now, he threw it into the hole to the basement before going over toward Jason, and, more importantly, his machete, which was a few feet away from him on the floor.

Inching his way toward Jason, Kevin just managed to get his fingers on the cold steel of the machete, when Jason rose and grabbed the other end of the machete.

The struggle led them toward the middle of the room, closer to the hole.

Jason had the advantage, because he had the handle end of the machete.

Kevin merely had the blade end, which was stained red with blood.

Jason got the upper hand on Kevin, and sliced his fingers with the machete, causing Kevin to let go.

Jason then caught Kevin off guard and connected with a mighty blow to Kevinís ribs.

Kevin fell to the ground, right next to the hole, and Jason moved in yet again, thinking he could finally finish the job.

Then, just as he raised his arm for one final strike, the second floor finally gave way and came crashing down on top of them, which ultimately sent the first floor (and them) crashing into the basement.

The mighty Voorhees Mansion was no more.

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