Kevin woke up to darkness all around him.

It took him a while to figure out that he was trapped inside the basement of the Voorhees Mansion with the entire house collapsed all around him.

He looked around, but couldnít recognize anything.

In fact, he could barely move.

He had to be careful not to move too much, because one false move could spell disaster for him and bury him even deeper.

Knowing that, Kevin started to panic.

He thought he was buried alive for sure.

He didnít even think about Jason, nor did he care where he could be at. Jason either had to be in the same situation as Kevin or just completely crushed by the debris.

Kevin screamed for help and frantically pulled some of the boards away, trying to find some way to escape.

He managed to pull away enough boards to make it against the basement wall. Now there was only one way to goóup.

He knew he had to be extremely careful, because even the slightest movement could bury him alive.

So, he carefully began to move and slowly make his way up.

He somehow managed to work his way up far enough that he could see the outside through a tiny hole.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he knew he was on the verge of escaping.

Now, overwhelmed with joy, Kevin began to move faster, quickly throwing boards out of his way, forgetting about the fragile state that he was in.

He nearly reached the hole, when his foot slipped and he fell back down to the bottom, along with more debris.

Kevin lay motionless on his back, staring up at the now straight path to the outside, but his body couldnít move and he was trapped under a pile of debris that he just couldnít lift off.

This was the end.

He knew it.

All he hoped for was that Krista somehow managed to escape.

His head hurt so bad that he felt like he had a bad concussion.

He hadnít felt like this since the one game at Boston U. where a 6-4, 240-pound Boston College defenseman came charging at him and took him out, giving him the only concussion of his career.

The only difference was that, in that game, Kevin made the save.

But in this game, someone would have to save him.

Just then, he heard his name being called.

At first he didnít recognize the voice, then it hit him.

It was Jessica.

"Jess?" he yelled, but got no response.

He yelled her name again and this time he got a response.

"Kevin, is that you?" the voice yelled down from the top of the hole.

Kevin then finally recognized who it was.

It was Krista.

"Krista, help me, Iím stuck," Kevin excitedly yelled back.

"Okay, donít move. I'm coming down," Krista replied, slowly and carefully lowering herself into the hole.

She eventually made her way down to Kevin and began to remove the rubbage, and then helped him to his feet.

"What are you doing back here? I thought you were going back to call for help?" Kevin asked, hugging her.

"I was on my way back when I heard this gigantic crash and saw this huge pile of dust in the air, so I ran back as fast as possible hoping you would be alright," Krista replied, still holding him.

"When I saw the house collapsed, I thought you were dead for sure. Thank God youíre still alive," she added, hugging him tighter, relieved to be holding him again.

"We have to get out of here before this tunnel collapses," Kevin said. "You go up first, I will be right behind you."

With that, Kevin helped Krista up, and she was quickly able to get outside.

Kevin then started up, but it was not as easy as he thought it would be. With every inch he climbed, his head hurt worse and his body became weaker.

Still, fading in and out of consciousness, he fought the pain and made it to the top.

Krista pulled Kevin out of the hole, seconds before the rest of the house gave way and collapsed deeper into the ground.

Kevin managed to get to his feet, and took a couple steps before he passed out into Kristaís arms.

Krista managed to hold Kevin up, and put her arm around him and led him back to the campgrounds of Crystal Lake.


The fire at the mansion had completely burnt itself out, leaving only the smoke rising from the charred remains.

The infamous Voorhees mansion was no more.

All the unholy remains were burnt to a crisp, as if hell itself had swallowed the mansion whole.

Deep inside the basement, the body of Jason Voorhees lays still, trapped under his own home as thunder roared and lightning lit up the night sky.

As the lightning continued to strike, Jasonís hand shot up through the rubbage, still alive and stronger than ever.

The night was still young.

The terror was far from over.


Krista struggled getting Kevin back to the campground, but finally made it.

She went to the nearest cabin, cabin one, and laid Kevin gently on the bed.

Kissing his forehead, she walked back outside to Scottís SUV to call for help.

This nightmare is finally over, she thought to herself. Jason has to be crushed and dead by now and we can get the hell out of here.

As she walked to the SUV, her mind replayed the nightís earlier events, and how close she came to death.

The rain had stopped, and it was now just windy, with occasional thunder and lightning.

She opened the door and saw the blood-stained driverís seat, where Emmyís body once was. The phone was exactly where Kevin had said it would be and she quickly turned the power on.

The battery was getting low, but there was still enough juice left to make an emergency call.

The operator quickly patched her through to the local police station.

"Wessex County police department, how can I help you?" the officer asked.

"Yes, Iím staying at the old Crystal Lake campgrounds, and all my friends are dead," Krista yelled hysterically into the phone as it hit home that her friends were dead. "Itís Jason Voorhees. He killed them."

"Hold on, maíam, where did you say you were staying?" the officer asked.

"The Crystal Lake campgrounds, but theyíre dead, theyíre all dead," Krista piped back.

"Look, we donít have time tonight for some bullshit prank calls," the officer rudely replied. "How the hell did you even get there? We had that place blocked off."

"What does it matter?" Krista fired back. "All that matters is that Jason came back, but we killed him again. Heís dead."

"As a matter of fact," the officer continued, getting angrier by the minute. "There is no possible way you can even get to the camp. Do you know that making prank calls to the police is a serious offense young lady?"

"Itís not a prank call!" Krista yelled. "Iím serious! We need an ambulance! Kevin is really hurt bad!"

Just then, she couldnít hear the officer, because of the increased static on the phone.

Soon after, the phone went dead, along with everything else that night.

"Damnit!" Krista yelled, slamming the phone to the ground.

Discouraged, she got back in the SUV to look for the keys, figuring that she could just drive Kevin to a hospital, but she couldnít find them.

Then it dawned on her.

Scott probably has the keys on him.

And who knows where he could be.

Krista then decided it would be best if she just went to sleep to get her energy back. Hopefully Kevin would be alright in the morning and they could walk out together and go get help then.

She reached the horseshoe of cabins, and her heart just dropped to her stomach at what she saw.

Standing there at the center of the cabins was Jason Voorhees, breathing heavy through his mask and holding a machete.

He was staring right at her.

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