1. Private Johnson- Head crushed
2. Guard #1- Bashed with a pipe
3. Guard #2- Accidentally shot by Guard #3
4. Guard #3- Forced to shoot Guard #2 by Jason, strangled
5. Guard #4- Accidentally shot by Guard #4
6. Guard #5- Forced to shoot Guard #4 by Jason, strangled
7. Dr. Wimmer- Pole through back and out chest
8. Sgt. Marcus- Died from multiple injuries sustained offscreen
9. Adrienne- Head cryogenically frozen, smashed into pieces on countertop
10. Stoney- Stabbed in back with surgical machete, strangled
11. Azrael- Back broken
12. Dallas- Head crushed against wall
13. Sven- Neck broken
14. Condor- Impaled on spiral antenna, slides to death
15. Geko- Throat slit
16. Kicker- Cut in half at the waist
17. Briggs- Impaled on anchor
18. Lou- Dismembered with surgical machete
19. Professor Lowe- Beheaded offscreen
20. Crutch- Face crushed on electrical panel, electrocuted
21. Kinsa- Immolated in exploding ship
22. Waylander- Immolated in explosion of ship's bridge
23. Janessa- Body sucked through metal grating
24. VR Teen Girl #1- Bashed off of Camper #2 while in her sleeping bag
25. VR Teen Girl #2- Bashed off of Camper #1 and a tree, in her sleeping bag
26. Sgt. Brodski- Immolated in atmosphere while crashing to Earth 2 with Jason

*NOTE: Dieter Perez and the rest of the people at the Solaris Research Station were all killed in the explosion, but cannot be included in the final count because there is no way of knowing how many people were there. Also, there were several "kills" involved in an Alien simulation, all of which don't count on the official tally.

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