1. The original opening of the movie ran a lot longer. Heather, a camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake, puts her campers to bed and starts to drink some liquor. Billy, one of the young campers, cries to Heather to stay with him because he had a nightmare. Heather scolds him and tells him to be big boy and go back to bed. Billy pleads, but Heather leaves and heads down to the lake. The same scene continues at the lake, but when Heather spots Jason, she runs back to the cabin. It is locked. She knocks on the door and pleads with Billy to open it, but he gives her the finger, so she heads off into the woods, where the rest of the scene takes place.


2. There is a scene showing Trey and Gibb heading upstairs for their rendez-vous. When Gibb arrives in the bedroom, Trey already has shirt off and neatly folded. Gibb then pulls back the sheets, and Trey yells at her to pull back the comforter because the sheets are probably filthy. Gibb yells back, "God, you're a freak," and pulls the comforter back.

YO-YO (0:05)

3. There were several alternate scenes filmed for the TV release, including one of when Blake and Trey show up at Lori's house to party. Originally, Blake grabs his crotch and scratches it. On the TV version, he is playing with a yo-yo instead.


4. There's a scene at Westin Hills with Mark and Will, right before they take their Hypnocil, where a patient is frothing at the mouth and completely unresponsive. The guard examines him, and says he's ready for D-wing. They take him away, and Mark tells Will to put a pillow over his face if he ever ends up like that.


5. Right after Lori's first nightmare, her Dad arrives at the police station to pick her up.


6. The day after the first kills, Lori is walking to school, but she has visions of her bloody front door again. She goes back to her door and scrapes away the yellow paint to reveal red paint, just like in the original Nightmare on Elm Street.


7. When Lori, Kia, and Gibb arrive at school that day, everyone is staring at them funny in the hallway and ignoring them. Bothered, Gibb yells "Stop staring at me!" After that, Mark and Will arrive, and Mark asks, "What if she's not here? What if she's the one who died?" Will replies, "Don't say that!"


8. When Mark and Will stop to talk at the vending machine, Principal Shaye finds them and tells them everything will be alright, then he confronts them with the police. Mark and Will run away like they did in the movie.


9. Kia and Gibb pick up Lori in Kia's jeep and get ready to head to the rave at the corn field. It was cut because the director said they were "too happy," especially after the trauma they faced the night before.


10. Kia, Gibb and Lori drive through the cornfield to find the rave. Along the way, they stop and laugh at a scarecrow. Kia then continues on and parks her Jeep as they arrive at the rave and start to party. There are more crowd shots and more of the 3 of them dancing. The infamous glowing raver hits on Kia by saying, "You down for a light show?" Kia responds, "You down for some pepper spray?" This scene was also cut because the teens seemed a little too happy, based on the trauma of the night before.


11. Gibb encounters the dead Trey in the boiler room before getting killed. She asks Trey what's wrong, and he says, "I got a f*ckin' machete shoved up my ass." He then approaches her as his entire body begins to fall apart. It was cut for being too fake-looking.


12. Mark, looking at his brother's picture, notices his brother wink at him, then notices him on his computer screen in the bathroom. He watches in horror as his brother goes and sits down in the bathtub and slits his wrists. Mark then pulls the plug on his computer.

EELS (0:15)

13. When Freddy attacks Mark (posing as his brother), Mark initially throws up eels. Freddy tells him, "Didn't your momma ever tell you never to talk with your mouth full?" But since the eels were CGI, they looked too fake, and were cut.


14. There's a scene when the group first arrives back at Westin Hills where they all decide to split up. Stubbs says, "We got 10 minutes, tops. If we don't find what we're looking for, we're getting the hell out of here." He then takes Freeburg and Linderman and heads up one flight of stairs, while Will, Lori and Kia head the opposite way.


15. There's an extension of the scene when Will, Lori and Kia enter the D-wing. They first look inside through the window on the door, and find the coma patients. One of the patients sits up and scares them. They then examine the charts to see Dr. Campbell's name on both of them.


16. There's a scene right before Freeburg dumps all the Hypnocil, where Freddy officially adjusts himself and takes over Freeburg's body.


17. In the van on the way to Crystal Lake, Linderman apologizes to Kia for what he said to her earlier. She apologizes too, and says she can be a real bitch with a capital C. Then Linderman says he's still attracted to her, and Kia smiles, saying "Is that a spine I see growing in there?" Then Jason's body moves and they get scared.

A PROMISE (0:15)

18. Will makes a deal with Lori that if she goes to the dream world and comes back, he'll never leave her again. Then they kiss, and Lori takes the tranquilizer and goes to sleep.


19. Right after Lori pulls Freddy into the real world, Will pulls her back and she says, "Freddy vs. Jason...Place Your Bets!" That was used in some of the promos. After that, Freddy looks at Jason and says, "You think I'm afraid, huh, now that we're in the real world?" The fight then starts, and Freddy says, "You're slow, you're stupid, and you got no style!" He then kicks Jason in the groin and gets in his face, saying, "No balls, huh Voorhees?" Jason then tosses him through the window and the rest of the fight commences.


20. There is a longer cut of Kia helping Linderman, then leaving. Kia originally leaves him, then comes back, telling him he was very brave back there. Linderman tells her his real name is Charlie. Kia says, "You better be here when I get back." Linderman asks why, and Kia says, "So I can kick your ass if you tell anyone I did this..." She then kisses him and runs off down the trail before Linderman dies.


21. The original ending was a love scene between Lori and Will, two months after the original events. They both go back and forth and wonder if they should do it or not, and then Lori tells him "It's all I've ever wanted." They get hot and heavy, and then Lori notices Will's scar on his side from Jason's machete shot. She asks him if it still hurts, and he says, "Not so much anymore." Lori then says she felt kinda bad for Jason because she was in his nightmare and saw Freddy torturing him. Will tells her to just "shut up" and "this is our night, ok?" They then get hot and heavy again, and Will gets on top of Lori. He then gets really aggressive, ripping at her clothes. Lori, alarmed, asks "what's wrong with you?" Will then chokes her and his right hand raises up and becomes Freddy's claw. She screams as Freddy slashes her.


22. Another ending is discussed on the DVD. In it, Crystal Lake turns into blood and begins to drain like a bathtub, when a giant hand comes out of the lake and drags Freddy and Jason into a never-ending abyss. Lori and Will then walk across the lakebed, and Lori's father finds Freddy's glove. He then says, "I'm gonna get rid of this once and for all," but then a hand reaches up and grabs him and pulls him into the same abyss. Lori and Will yell, "Oh my god!" The hand then puts the glove on, and Freddy begins to laugh. But then, just when Freddy is happy, he looks up in terror and sees the glint of the machete and Jason charging toward him. They are then surrounded by ghouls and Satan himself, and become sort-of gladiators in hell.


23. A final ending considered but never shot saw Pinhead from the 'Hellraiser' franchise come to earth and take both Freddy and Jason to hell, saying, "what seems to be the problem, gentlemen?" as he takes possession of both Freddy's glove and Jason's mask. This would have obviously set up a very interesting future film to include all three, but due to the rights issues with the 'Hellraiser' franchise, this plan was scrapped.

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