1. There is the usual incontinuity with the sequels. How did Jason get captured?

2. After Jason kills all the guards, he just mysteriously appears behind Rowan, when it was clearly shown there was only one door to the room. He would have had to get out while she was helping Sgt. Marcus.

3. Why didn't the Scranton facility make an attempt to contact them when Jason's transport never showed up? You would think they would know something went wrong and wouldn't have left them there for 400 years.

4. When the cryo chamber goes into lockdown, the doorlock spins clockwise. However, in 2455 when they find them, the doorlock spins clockwise again as they open it.

5. When Azrael accidentally gets his arm cut off, it is his right arm that gets it. Later, he gets it re-attached, and high-fives Stoney with his left hand and groans in pain.

6. When Rowan is being thawed out, you can see her breathing right before the nanotech-ants overtake her.

7. You can see the outline of Rowan's bra underneath the chain-mesh blanket when her clothes are removed. It is also visible when she awakens and sits up.

8. When Rowan hits the professor, you can tell she didn't actually hit him.

9. Professor Lowe tells Rowan the year is 2455 and that she had been frozen for 455 years "to be exact." How can this be, when she was frozen in the year 2010? That would have only been 445 years.

10. Kinsa gets Stoney's blood splattered all over his face when Jason kills him. However, when she stumbles out into the hallway, the blood is clean from her face and just on her clothes.
11. Crutch's headphones change position from shot-to-shot as Jason approaches him.

12. When Jason kills Dallas, he slams him nose-first into the wall. However, in the next shot, it shows Dallas's cheek against the wall.

13. When Condor falls onto the drill, you can see the blood splatter before he even hits it.

14. When Kay-Em jumps on the platform and says, "Hey!", she is not wearing her black gloves. However, in the next shot, her gloves are back on.

15. When Kay-Em kicks Jason in the face, you can see Kane Hodder's goatee.

16. When Kay-Em fires at Jason with the two guns, her arms are straight out in front of her. But in the next shot from below, her elbows are bent and she's firing from her waist. After that, her arms return to being straight out.

17. When Kay-Em blows off Jason's arm, you can clearly notice Kane Hodder's real arm is wrapped up inside of him.

18. Uber-Jason punches Kay-Em's head off too easily. If you slow it down, you can notice that it's already detached before he hits her.

19. When Janessa is killed, it's because Jason punches a hole in the ship and causes depressurization. How could Jason continue after them, if everything is being sucked out? Wouldn't the rest of the ship be sucked out too, especially after Jason breaks down all the barriers?

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