1. What is with Jason in this movie? He seems like a demented, emotional retard, as opposed to the unstoppable killing machine we've all come to expect. Jason's trademark is to be silent, so why can you blatantly hear his footsteps at various times in the movie? And what is with the Frankenstein boots? The producers were way off with their perception of Jason.

2. Throughout the movie, Jason's right eye is his bad eye. However, it is his left eye that is damaged by Tommy in Part 4.

3. In the beginning, when Jason opens his eye, you can see his other eye twitch (which isn't even supposed to be there).

4. At the beginning when Heather is going skinny dipping, a light on the deck is flickering. Yet, the reflection on the dock is perfectly fine (Sent in by

5. When Heather is running from Jason, her shirt goes from unbuttoned to buttoned.

6. Who would let their friends have sex in their own bed, or worse, their parents' bed?

7. What are the odds that Deputy Stubbs would be driving down Elm Street at that exact point in time when Trey's murder occurred?

8. When Lori passes the missing children posters while dreaming at the police station, they all turn and look at her, except for the last one, which didn't even have a picture on it. The police would not have posted that poster without a picture on it.

9. When Mark raises hell to get the guard's keys, he is wearing a shirt. However, when they take him back to his room after giving him the tranquilizer, his shirt is off.

10. When Blake's father checks on him on the front porch, he asks him "Were you drinking?" Why would he ask that, when Blake had a flask right there beside him?

11. When Jason kills Blake, he stops swinging his machete just as Blake holds up his Dad's head to block it. The machete never made contact. They just cut to the blood squirting on the window.

12. Why would the guard tell Mark "sweet dreams" after tranquilizing him, if all the inmates had their dreams suppressed with hypnocil?

13. Where would Jason go during the day? How could he hide in plain view of the town?

14. When Kia is talking with Lori and Gibb before school the following day, one shot shows Gibb bringing a cigarette to her mouth. However, she does the same thing in the very next shot.

15. How could Will and Mark just walk right into Springwood High after escaping Westin Hills? You would think that immediately after the escape, there would have been an APB or something go out, and the police would have surely alerted the school or locked it down.

16 Why would the teachers walk right past Will and Mark in the hallway? By that point, it would have been obvious what the two of them looked like, and the principal would have surely let his staff know to keep an eye out.

17. Waiting on Lori to recover at the nurse's office, the direction in which Kia is flipping through the pages of the magazine changes as the shot changes.

18. When Freddy grabs Kia's nose, you can notice where the computer cut off Freddy's glove at the bottom of the screen.

19. While at the Springwood Library, Mark is looking through the archives, while Will is flipping through some books on the table. Why would he look through books about nature and animals? And why would he read a book about electrical circuits? This is most visible on the Blu-Ray release.

20. Why would Lori and Will just stop talking and go dancing? It was so long since they saw each other, and they clearly wanted to talk. Will definitely has some explaining to do, and Lori surely wanted some answers.

21. Wouldn't anyone at the corn field see the glowing raver go flying through the air like that when Jason threw him?

22. When Shack is talking to his teammate, you can see several people not too far away in the background. But when Jason starts chasing him, they appear to be further away in the cornfield than they were in the previous shot.

23. After Shack throws the alcohol onto Jason, it is a quick cut. They never actually show Shack grabbing the torch nearby.

24. There are some shots you can see right through the eyehole of Jason's mask while he is on fire at the corn field. The stunt was done well, but that, along with the flame resistant clothing, was just too obvious.

25. Look closely at Shack right before the machete is hurled through his back. You can clearly see his mouth is already full of something as he is running, well before the machete hits him. This turns out to be the blood he spits out moments later.

26. When Jason kills the six other ravers with his machete, their blood squirting is obviously fake. You can tell they are wearing the fake blood underneath their clothes.

27. One of the ravers killed is wearing a fisherman's hat. A few moments later, they show him getting killed again.

28. Why would the group just pick up and leave Gibb's body lying there and not go to the police?

EXPLANATION: They didn't want the cops to know that they were at the party because of the drinking and drug use that went on.

29. When Lori goes into her bedroom running from her dad, her window is open. Why would her window be open in the middle of a rainstorm?

EXPLANATION: Maybe she left it open, or simply forgot to shut it.

30. Throughout the film, Freddy is wearing a black fedora. In six of the seven previous Elm Street films, his fedora was brown. (He wore a black one in New Nightmare).

31. When Freddy kills Mark, he slumps down out of sight. They then look across the room, and in the mirror they see the reflection of "Freddy's Back" burned into Mark's skin. The only way that they could have seen it correctly is if Freddy had written the words backwards.

32. Also, look at Mark's posture after Freddy kills him. He is almost sitting Indian-style. That's pretty good for a dead guy.

33. Why was Hypnocil still not approved by the FDA? In the 16 years from the time of Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (1987) and this movie (2003), surely they would have approved some form of the drug.

34. When Freddy grabs Lori on the couch, his pinkie claw bends like rubber.

35. For all the banging Jason did on the back entrance door to Westin Hills, it sure didn't look like it. If you look closely at the damage to the door after he breaks it in, you will see six large divots, something a cannon could have possibly done, but not Jason's (or anyone else's) fists.

36. When Deputy Stubbs says, "That's impossible, Linderman. Jason is dead." How could Stubbs have known who Linderman was? That was the first time he had seen him, and nobody else had mentioned his name prior to that.

37. When Jason shocks Stubbs to death, you can tell it's a stuntman and not Lochlyn Munro getting shocked. They don't go back to Lochlyn until after the shocking occurs, and he gets a nice makeup job.

38. Right before Stubbs is thrown through the door at Westin Hills, you can see where the door has been rigged and pre-cracked where the glass meets the wood.

39. The caterpillar that takes over Freeburg's body is obviously fake, much like a lot of the extraordinary effects were in the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

40. Where were all the other guards and patients at Westin Hills during all the action? Surely there would have been more than one guard at that place, and if Mark could get out of his room so easily to get the keys in the beginning of the movie, why wouldn't anyone else leave their room to see what was going on?

EXPLANATION: Maybe the patients were too afraid of getting the tranquilizer.

41. When Freddy's arm gets sliced off by Jason in the dream, you can see where the actor's arm is pulled back under the sweater.

42. Since when is Jason afraid of water? It never phased him in other movies.

EXPLANATION: While Jason may not fear water in the real world, in his subconscious, he is terrified of it. That's what Freddy exploited.

43. If the police department set up 24-hour road blocks, how were they able to drive to Crystal Lake?

44. When Lori insists on taking the final dose of tranquilizer, Will insists "we're almost there!" Why would he stop the van, if they were truly that close?

45. And why would Lori lay right next to Jason in the back of the van? She could have just stayed in the front seat of the van and passed out just the same.

46. When Freddy "digs a little deeper," its obvious the head he cuts his fake.

47. How can the camp counselors have sex with their clothes still on?

48. In Jason's dream, it shows that the kids pushed him into the water where he drowned by the shore. In fact, Jason drowned alone while swimming, and did so out in the middle of the lake.

49. When Jason goes flying out of their van during the crash, you can see the stunt wires attached to him.

50. Also, when Jason goes flying out of the van, what happens to Lori, who was laying right next to him? She should have gone flying out of the van as well, but is later shown with Will.

51. The road to Crystal Lake in every other Friday the 13th movie was a dirt road, and all of a sudden, it's paved in this one?

EXPLANATION: With the revitalization and construction of the fishing cabins, maybe they finally paved it.

52. When the group sees the Crystal Lake sign, they walk in the opposite direction of it.

53. When Jason barges into the cabin, his foot gets caught inside a box. However, in the next scene, it is corrected. (It's joked about on the DVD extras).

54. Toward the end, Freddy makes the comment, "I've always had a thing for the whores that live in this house." Yet how can he have a thing for the "whores" when the only girl that lived in Lori's house prior to her family was Nancy? (Sent in by

55. When Will is dragging Lori across the cabin, his hand slips, but she continues to hold her arm up.

56. When Lori's arm drops into the flames, look closely. It is clearly protected by a rubber sleeve and glove.

57. Since when does Jason run again? (when he drags Freddy through all the picture windows in the cabin). It became a staple in later Jason movies that he was a slow, silent stalker. He hadn't run since Part 4.

58. Also in that scene, you can notice a light-colored protective flap poking out of the right side of Jason's mask as he drags Freddy through the window.

59. When Jason launches Freddy through the roof of the opposite cabin, you can tell that the stuntman is pulled away by wire.

60. When Lori and Will meet up at the dock, look at Lori's chest wounds. You can tell they are applied prosthetics.

61. When Kia tells Freddy off, look closely. When she says, "your coming up a little bit short between the legs," check out Freddy. His makeup must have wore thin, because there it is obvious he is Robert Englund.

62. When Jason punches Freddy, he falls forward. However, in the next shot, he is shown falling backward onto the propane tanks.

63. When Freddy starts to uncork the propane tanks toward Jason, he says, "Man The Torpedoes." This is obviously a voice-over and not actually said at the time by Robert Englund.

64. Right before Freddy drops the steel rods onto Jason, Jason looks up and you can see Ken Kirzinger's normal skin around his eye.

65. Since when does Freddy wear a t-shirt underneath his red and green sweater (it can be seen when he is hanging upside down off of the cement mixer).

66. Also, while Freddy is hanging upside down, his hat does from being off to back on again in subsequent scenes.

67. When both Freddy and Jason wind up falling onto the dock, look at their pants. It appears as if they are both wearing dark sweatpants.

68. As Jason is walking toward Freddy, Freddy is crawling backward along the dock. However, in the next shot, he's standing back up as Jason slices him with the machete.

69. Since when does Jason limp? No matter what pounding he took in the other movies, he still kept coming 100%

70. When Freddy cuts off Jason's fingertips, you can tell they aren't really his fingertips.

71. Also, when Freddy cuts off Jason's fingertips, look closely. He completely misses his fingers when they are cut, and they just fall right off.

72. As Kane Hodder pointed out to me, Jason never attempts to block a blow. So why on earth does Ken Kirzinger do it when Freddy hits him with the machete?

73. Why would Jason just stand there and let Freddy stab him in the heart with his machete? Even in slow motion, it looks bad.

74. When Freddy and Jason go flying into the lake because of the explosion, you can tell they are stuntmen pulled away by wires.

75. When Jason stabs Freddy with his arm/claw, why would he just fall back into the water and not attempt to go after Lori and Will?

76. In the "Place Your Bets" deleted scene, you can tell Ken Kirzinger is wearing a rubber mask underneath the hockey mask.

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