1. During the flashback, what type of candy did Lonnie steal from Conrad?

2. What movie was shown at Mick's Bar & Grill during the Halloween gathering?

3. How did Michael escape the fire at Laurie's compound?

4. What was former Sheriff Brackett's new job at Haddonfield Memorial?

5. What was Sondra's connection to Michael?

6. What was Mick's nickname for his wooden baseball bat he kept behind the bar?

7. How did Lonnie know Ray (Allyson's father)?

8. What make and model of vehicle did Lonnie drive?

9. What movie were Big John and Little John watching when they were interrupted by the trick-or-treaters?

10. Why did Officer Hawkins feel responsible for Michael's latest massacre?


1. During the flashback, Lonnie stole Gobstoppers from Conrad.
2. The movie shown at Mick's Bar & Grill was 'The Thing'.
3. Michael hid in Laurie's basement arsenal to escape the fire.
4. Sheriff Brackett was now a security guard at Haddonfield Memorial.
5. Sondra was the caretaker who led Aaron and Dana to Judith's grave in the previous film.
6. Mick referred to his wooden baseball bat at 'Old Huckleberry'.
7. According to Lonnie, Ray used to sell him peyote and they would hang out.
8. Lonnie drove a 1992 Chevrolet Suburban C-2500 Cheyenne.
9. Big John and Little John watched 'Minnie & Moskowitz' (1971).
10. Hawkins felt responsible because he stopped Dr. Loomis from executing Michael in 1978.

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