1. How did Michael escape the beheading at Hillcrest?

2. What became of Laurie Strode after the incident at Hillcrest?

3. Who did Dr. Mixter cite when he said, "We must face down our fears and face up to the figure?"

4. What was the name of the show that will star all six students?

5. Who was Freddie's favorite Kung Fu actor?

6. What was Jen's motive for participating on the show?

7. What was "Deckard's" real name?

8. What was the name of the song and artist that Nora jammed to in the garage at the start of the show?

9. What was Donna's theory surrounding Michael Myers?

10. Rudy pointed out that all the stuff they find is "too easy". Where did it come from?


1. Michael escaped the beheading by crushing a guard's larynx and switching uniforms with him. The guard was beheaded, and Michael escaped unscathed.
2. Laurie was committed to a psychiatric sanitarium after it was discovered she beheaded the wrong man.
3. Dr. Mixter cited renowned psychologist Carl Jung.
4. The show was called 'Dangertainment'.
5. Freddie's favorite Kung Fu actor was Wai Chung Lee.
6. Jen hoped to get noticed by Hollywood through her performance on Dangertainment.
7. 'Deckard's' real name was actually Myles Barton.
8. Nora jammed to Janet Jackson's "All For You".
9. Donna believes Michael had an impulse control disorder, prompting the never-ending thirst to kill.
10. Most of the props were placed in the otherwise empty house by Freddie and his staff.

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