1. What was the name of the town where Marion Whittington (Chambers) lived?

2. What was Marion's street address?

3. What was the name of the town where the school was located?

4. What was the number of the highway Michael travels on, and where was it located (precisely)?

5. What was the name of the school?

6. What was written on the chalkboard as Keri (Laurie) taught the class?

7. What was Molly's advice to Keri (Laurie) about fate, based on her answer in class?

8. Where did everyone go for their field trip?

9. What unusual object did Keri (Laurie) stab Michael with?

10. What type of novel did Ronny tell his girlfriend he wanted to write (at the end)?


1. The name of the town was Langdon, Illinois.
2. The address was 4946 Cypress Pond Road.
3. The name of the town was Summer Glen, California.
4. The highway was Highway 139, Northern California.
5. The school was 'Hillcrest Academy'.
6. Written on the chalkboard was 'The Purgatory of W.B. Yeats, Where Does It Begin?'
7. Molly's answer was that if it was fate, that it must be faced.
8. The field trip was at Yosemite National Park.
9. Keri (Laurie) stabbed Michael with the California state flag.
10. Ronny wanted to write a romantic thriller.

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