1. What type and color of truck did Jamie drive in the beginning?

2. What did it say on the sign posted in the Strode's front yard?

3. What did Tim's t-shirt say on it?

4. Who did Danny dress up as for Halloween?

5. What did one of the signs say at the campus rally?

6. What was the name of Barry Simms' show?

7. What was Barry Simms' station phone number?

8. How did Mrs. Blankenship know Michael?

9. Who else besides Dr. Loomis and Tommy knew of Jamie's baby?

10. What make and color of vehicle did Tommy have?


1. Jamie drove a blue and white Chevrolet Silverado.
2. The sign said "He's Coming!"
3. Tim's shirt said "Barry Kicks Ass."
4. Danny dressed up identical to Tim for Halloween.
5. One of the signs said "He Will Return."
6. Barry Simms' show was called "Backtalk with Barry Simms".
7. Barry Simms' station phone number was 1-800-YOU-SUCK.
8. Mrs. Blankenship babysat Michael in 1963, on the night he killed Judith.
9. Dr. Wynn was the only other one who knew of Jamie's baby.
10. Tommy had a red Jeep.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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