1. What was Dr. Sartain's connection to Dr. Loomis?

2. How did Aaron come into possession of Michael's mask?

3. How much did Aaron and Dana pay Laurie for her interview?

4. How old was Karen when she was taken out of Laurie's custody and into state care?

5. What were Cameron and Allyson's costumes for the school party?

6. What was the name of Dave's fake horse?

7. What was Julian's address?

8. What was Officer Hawkins' connection to the 1978 murders?

9. What tattoo did Dave get on his arm and what was its significance?

10. Why did Dr. Sartain aid Michael in his escape?


1. Dr. Sartain was a student of Dr. Loomis before he died.
2. Aaron borrowed Michael's mask from the District Attorney.
3. Aaron and Dana paid Laurie $3,000 for her interview.
4. Karen was 12 when she was placed into the state's care.
5. Cameron and Allyson went as Bonnie and Clyde, respectively.
6. Dave's fake horse was named 'Tate'.
7. Julian's address was 707 Meridian Ave.
8. Hawkins was first on the scene when Michael was shot off the balcony.
9. Dave got a '10-31-18' tattoo, signifying the night he and Vicky would lose their virginity.
10. Dr. Sartain helped Michael so he could 'see him in the wild'.

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