Deborah: "I Hope She Likes Cripples!!!"

Ronnie: "I Will Crawl Over There And Skull F*ck The Sh*t Outta You!!!"

Ronnie: "Give Me A Break...He's Probably A Queer..."

Deborah: "Are You Saying Michael Did This?!"

Ronnie: "Hey, Clown...Psycho Boy...Cat Killer..."

Ronnie: "That Is Some Deep Ass Serious Faggoty Ass Sh*t..."

Ronnie: "If You Don't Think I Ain't Making A Mental List Of All Your F*cking Bullsh*t!!!"

Steve: "Come On, Babe, I Wanna Do It With The Mask On..."

Young Michael: "Happy Halloween, Boo..."

Dr. Loomis' First Interview With Michael At Smith's Grove

Ismael: "You Can't Let Those Walls Get You Down...Trust Me, I Know..."

Young Michael: "I Like The Mask Cause It Hides My Face..."

Young Michael: "I Need To Get Out Of Here!!!"

Dr. Loomis: "Sorry To Tell You...But This Is Going To Be My Last Day..."

Dr. Loomis: "These Are The Eyes Of A Psychopath..."

Zach: "So What Kook Are We Movin' Tonight...Trick Or Treat, Baby..."

Zach: "Can This Guy Walk Any F*ckin' Slower?!"

Joe Grizzley: "I Got A Taco Deluxe Supreme Talkin' Back At Me..."

Dr. Loomis: "He Is Mad That Trusts In The Tameness Of A Wolf..."

Lynda: "You Know What That Dried Up F*ckin B*tch Did?!"

Chester: "You Know, I Remember This Mess Just Like It Happened Yesterday..."

Lynda: "See Anything You Like???"

Mason Strode: "A Lot Of Nutcases Come Out On Halloween..."

Tommy: "Laurie...Is The Boogeyman Real?!"

Dr. Loomis: "Evil Is Here...It's Walking Amongst Us..."

Sheriff Brackett: "Doc, It Sounds To Me Like You're Talking About The Anti-Christ..."

Dr. Loomis: "We're Dealing With A Soulless Killing Machine Driven By Pure Animal Instinct..."

Laurie: "Was That The Boogeyman?!

Dr. Loomis: "Michael, It's My Fault...I Failed You!!!

Laurie Flips Out And Shoots Michael

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