Dana: "We are now at Smith's Grove...a rehabilitation facility..."
Aaron: "We are here today to interview a patient who has spent the last 40 years in captivity...and by all accounts has not uttered a word..."

Dr. Sartain: "And there he is...he can speak...he just chooses not to..."

Aaron: "You feel it, don't you Michael? You feel the mask!"

Aaron: "Could it be that one monster has created another?"

Ray: "Oh man! I got peanut butter on my penis..."

Dave: "Wasn't it her brother...who like cold blooded murdilated all those teenagers?"
Vicky: "No, that's just a bit that some people made up to make them feel better, I think..."

Laurie: "If the way I raised your mother...means that she hates me...but that she's prepared for the horrors of this world, then...I can live with that..."

Allyson: "Say goodbye to Michael and get over it!"

Karen: "I've spent my entire life trying to get over the paranoia and neuroses that she has projected on me..."

Barker: "What are we gonna do...cancel Halloween?!"

Julian: "Shut up, Dave, I heard him breathing...and then I saw him...he's in here...the Boogeyman's in this house!"

Laurie: "You're the new Loomis?"

Laurie: "Do you know...that I prayed every night that he would escape..."
Officer Hawkins: "What the hell would you do that for?!"
Laurie: "So I could kill him..."

Dr. Sartain: "There are many ways for tragedy and violence to change a victim..."

Dr. Sartain: "I want to know what he's feeling...and I want to know what pleasure he gets out of killing..."

Officer Hawkins: "Where is this killer? We gotta find're not gonna stand in the way of justice this time.."

Laurie: "There is a police officer waiting at your house to bring you to us, we are all gonna be as I say!"

Dr. Sartain: "So...this is what it feels like..."

Laurie: "Alright, pick your poison..."

Dr. Sartain: "Michael's pursuit of Laurie Strode could be what keeps him alive..."

Dr. Sartain: "Say something..."

Karen: "You want him to come here?!"

Laurie: "Happy Halloween, Michael..."

Karen: "Okay, it's not a cage,'s a trap..."

Laurie: "Goodbye, Michael..."

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