1. The doll Laurie has in the sanitarium was also in the original Halloween. It was on her dresser when she originally saw him in the backyard.

2. When Laurie looks out her window at sees Michael standing in the yard of the asylum, it is similar to when she looked out her bedroom window in the original, and saw him standing in between the sheets in her neighbor's backyard.

3. The camera surveillance at the asylum is much like the one at the hospital in Part 2. You can even see Michael walking on the cameras in both Part 2 and Resurrection.

4. When the security guard finds the bloody laundry in the beginning, that is similar to when John Strode did the same thing in Halloween 6 before he died.

5. Michael hanging down from the ceiling in the asylum washroom is similar to when he hung from the ceiling at Hillcrest, when he attacked Laurie from behind.

6. The round window on Laurie's door is similar to the portal where she comes face-to-face with Michael in H20.

7. When Michael breaks down the door to Laurie's room in the sanitarium, it is similar to how he broke through the surgery door in Halloween II.

8. Laurie putting pillows under her sheets to fool Michael was the exact same thing she did in Halloween II at the hospital.

9. Michael chasing Laurie down the hallway of the asylum is similar to when he stalked her in the hallways of the hospital in Halloween II.

10. When Michael is hung by a surprise snare on the rooftop, it is similar to Friday The 13th Part 2, when Jason set a snare trap for Scott, and subsequently slit his throat.

11. Also, when Michael is hung by the snare, he tries to fool Laurie, reaching out to her much like the guard did before she unknowingly beheaded him in H20.

12. Harold, the guy in the sanitarium who follows the serial killers, wears a clown's mask similar to the one that Michael wore when he killed Judith at age 6.

13. Also, the last shot of the guy in the sanitarium shows him holding a knife without his mask on, just like the last shot of Michael as a boy in Halloween, who also stood there holding a knife without his mask on.

14. In class, Sara sat in the back of the class and answered the teacher's questions correctly. Laurie did the same in Halloween.

15. The professor's name is Dr. Mixter, who was the doctor that treated Laurie in Halloween II (who got a needle in his eye).

16. Is it just me or does the professor, Dr. Mixter, resemble Part 6's Dr. Loomis in appearance?

17. Sara has a doll that is very similar to the one Laurie stored her pills in the very beginning of the movie.

18. Freddie enjoys watching Wai Chung Lee karate movies, while Reece, the campus cop in 'Urban Legend', enjoyed watching Foxy Brown karate-type movies. Its noticeable when Freddie encourages and pumps his fist for Wai Chung Lee to kick some ass. Reece did a similar motion with her gun in 'Urban Legend', encouraging Foxy to kick ass.

19. The kids that place the pumpkin at the Myers House are similar to the ones, led by Lonny, that snooped around there Halloween night, 1978, when Dr. Loomis scared away.

20. Rudy busts open the closet similar to how Michael did in Halloween.

21. When Freddie mistakes Michael for Charlie during the infamous "2 Michaels" scene, it is similar to when Tina mistook Michael for her boyfriend Mike in Halloween 5.

22. Rudy and Jen get high off of a bong, similar to Chuck and Chili, who did so in Chris' van in "Friday The 13th Part 3."

23. Rudy's death was similar to Bob's in Halloween 1, in that he was pinned to the door with a knife (or in Rudy's case, several knives.)

24. When Jen finds Bill's body hanging from the attic, it is similar to when Kara Strode finds her mother hung the same way in Halloween 6.

25. Sara goes on the roof to escape Michael, much like Rachel and Jamie did in Halloween 4.

26. When Sara returns inside the house to evade Michael, she comes across Bill's body, with a flashlight hanging off of him. That's similar to when Laurie Strode found the guard hanging in Halloween 2. He also had a flashlight hanging off of him.

27. Twice in the Halloween series, someone slips and falls on blood, in Part 2 and Resurrection. See the Rick Rosenthal connection here yet?

28. The chainsaw fight between Sara and Michael is similar in a couple ways to Friday the 13th, Part 5: A New Beginning. First, the fight itself, and second, that the chainsaw runs out of gas and stalls right in the middle of the fight.

29. Michael's burning is, obviously, similar to the ending of Halloween II.

30. There are only two Halloweens in which the final shot of the movie is on Michael Myers, Part 2 and Resurrection. In both of those movies, they're close-ups of his face and he gets burned at the end of each film.

31. The tent used by the teens in the deleted scene is similar to that used in three Friday the 13th movies: Part 4, Part 7, and Part 9.

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