1. Halloween H20 was directed by Steve Miner, who also was involved in many of the "Friday the 13th" movies.

2. One of the most obvious similarities (or maybe call it a rip-off) was when Marion ran into Jimmy. He was wearing a white hockey mask.

3. When Jimmy is scared by the ironing board in Marion's house, it is similar to when Steven Freeman was scared by the ironing board at the Voorhees Mansion in "Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday."

4. When Charlie makes fun of John, he says that "20 years from now, you'll still be living with her (his mother), probably running some weird motel in the middle of nowhere." This is a direct reference to Norman Bates of Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Psycho."

5. When Keri (Laurie) runs into Norma, it is almost an exact replica of the scene in the original, when she runs into Sheriff Brackett. Each scene even featured the line, "Hey, it's Halloween...I guess everyone's entitled to one good scare."

6. A little comic relief-- when Keri (Laurie) runs into Norma, Norma asks if she can be "maternal" for a moment-- when, in fact, Norma (Janet Leigh) really is Laurie's (Jamie Lee Curtis) mother!

7. Norma (Janet Leigh)'s car is the exact same type of car that she had in Psycho. (Sent in by Taylor Jacks).

8. When Michael trails Keri (Laurie) after she picks up John and Charlie in town, it is similar to when Michael trailed Laurie and Annie in the original.

9. When Molly looks out the window of the classroom and sees Michael, it is similar to when Laurie looked out her class window in the original and saw Michael in the car. In both cases, when they looked back a second time, Michael was gone!

10. Sarah's death is similar to Mr. Garrett's death from Halloween II in that they were both hung from a light.

11. Near the end, right before Michael is revealed to them all, they see a curtain blowing. Keri (Laurie) says its "my brother." Similarly, in the original, Laurie saw a curtain blowing right before Michael tried to stab her.

12. When Michael kills Will Brennan, the knife in the back (lifting him off of the ground), is similar to when he killed the one nurse in Halloween II, only in Halloween II, it was with a scalpel.

13. When Michael breaks into the closet looking for Laurie, it is similar to when he did the exact same thing in the original. (Only, in the original, she was in the closet).

14. Also near the end, Keri (Laurie) tells John and Molly to hide in the closet and "Do as I say." Well, that's exactly what she told Tommy and Lindsey to do in the original.

15. When Keri (Laurie) fetches John and Molly from the closet, look in the background as Michael sits up. It is almost exactly how he sat up in the background of the original, right before he attacked Laurie (and she pulled off his mask).

16. When Keri (Laurie) tells Molly to go down the road and call the police, it's similar to when she told Tommy and Lindsey to "go to the Mackenzie's house and call the police" in the original.

17. Michael initially stabs Keri (Laurie) in her arm, the same arm he initially stabbed in the original.

18. After Keri (Laurie) brutally charges Michael, he falls off a balcony, just like he did in the original after Dr. Loomis shot him.

19. Also after Keri (Laurie) brutally charged Michael, she left him lying on the ground, just like he was after Dr. Loomis shot him in the original.

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