1. The opening credits are an homage to the first film, only in reverse, with the pumpkin being resurrected instead.

2. Michael escaping while being transferred is similar to the opening of 'Halloween 4'.

3. Cameron Elam is the son of Lonnie Elam, the young bully who Loomis yells at in the original at the Myers House- "Hey, Lonnie, get your ass away from there!"

4. The breakfast scene with Karen, Allyson and Ray is similar to the breakfast scene in Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' (only they weren't as dysfunctional).

5. The scene with Dave, Allyson and Vicky walking to school is similar to the original, where it was Laurie, Lynda and Annie.

6. The scene in class where Allyson looks out the window and sees Laurie is similar to the scene in the original, where Laurie looks out the window and sees Michael.

7. During class, they discuss fate, which was also what Laurie discussed in the original and taught in 'H20'.

8. Although not shown, Allyson's teacher was played by P.J. Soles (Lynda) from the original film.

9. The scene with the patients wandering all over the road is similar to the original film, where Dr. Loomis pulls up at the sanitarium and sees them wandering the courtyard in the rain.

10. Lumpy's death was similar to Annie's in the original film.

11. Aaron and Dana walking through the graveyard was similar to when Dr. Loomis did the same in the original film looking for Judith's grave.

12. The lady in the church van nodding to warn Dana about Michael is similar to Jack Sayer in 'Halloween 4'- "You can't kill damnation, mister!"

13. The restroom scene with Dana was similar to the scene in 'H20', only this time she was attacked.

14. Michael also attacked Big Joe Grizzley in the bathroom stall in Rob Zombie's 'Halloween'.

15. Michael kills a mechanic for his coveralls, just like he did in the original, and 'Halloween 4'.

16. Dana's death was similar to Bob's in the original, as Michael left her hanging off of the ground.

17. Michael running into the boy with the boombox is similar to when he did the same in the town square in 'Halloween II'.

18. During one of the trick or treat scenes, you can hear the kids singing the same rhyme that opens the original film- "Black cats and goblins and broomsticks and ghosts...covens of witches with all of their may think they scare me, you're probably cats and goblins on Halloween night...trick or treat!"

19. The scene of Michael just roaming through town was similar to when he did the same thing in 'Halloween II' looking for Laurie.

20. The scene where Gina is making a sandwich is similar to Mrs. Elrod in 'Halloween II', only this time Michael kills her.

21. The scene where the neighbor Andrea is on the phone talking about Halloween and MIchael Myers is similar to 'Halloween II', when Alice did the same (before MIchael killed her).

22. The Halloween party at the school was similar to the rave from Rob Zombie's 'Halloween II' (2009).

23. Vicky staying behind and babysitting Julian is similar to Laurie staying behind and babysitting Tommy in the original film.

24. At certain times throughout the film, Michael's breathing can be heard loudly, just like the original film.

25. Michael watching Vicky through the window was similar to when he did the same to Annie in the original film.

26. Vicky's violent stabbing death was similar to both Judith's in Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' and Annie's in 'Halloween II'.

27. After shooting Michael, Laurie encounters three curiously dressed trick-or-treaters and yells at them to go home. They were dressed in the Silver Shamrock costumes of the skull, witch and pumpkin from 'Halloween III'.

28. Michael covering Vicky's body with a sheet to look like a ghost was similar to when he wore the sheet himself in the original film and Rob Zombie's version as well.

29. When Oscar is alone and is being stalked by Michael, he wishes Mrs. Elrod a Happy Halloween. Mrs. Elrod is of course the lady that Michael steals the knife from in 'Halloween II' while she's making a sandwich.

30. The infamous chase scene with Michael and Allyson is similar to Michael and Laurie from the original, and has been done several times throughout horror history, including in several of the 'Halloween' sequels.

31. Michael getting hit by the police cruiser is similar to both 'Halloween 4', when he was hit by a truck, and 'H20', when he was hit by a van.

32. Dr. Sartain wearing the mask was similar to Laurie wearing it in Rob Zombie's 'Halloween II'.

33. The two bumbling cops (Richards and Francis) are similar to the two bumbling cops in 'Halloween 5' (Ross and Farrah).

34. Also similar to 'Halloween 5' is when Michael pins Dr. Sartain to the steering wheel as he escapes the back seat of the police car. Sartain inadvertently leans onto the car horn, which continues blaring until Michael pulls him back out. In 'Halloween 5', after Michael crashes Mike's car and Jamie attempts to escape, he is inadvertently pinned against the car horn until he revives and resumes his pursuit.

35. Michael admiring his kills is similar to various points in the series, in particular the original film, when he stood back and tilted his head after pinning Bob to the wall.

36. Laurie searching for Michael in the closet is the reverse of what happened in the original film, where Michael broke in the closet looking for her.

37. After knocking Laurie down off the roof, Michael stands over and ponders his next move. In Rob Zombie's 'Halloween', he stood on the porch roof and watched as Bob and Lynda arrived.

38. When Michael looks down and sees Laurie lying on the ground, he then gets distracted by Allyson. When he looks back, Laurie is gone. This is the reverse of what happened at the end of the original film, as Loomis watched a motionless Michael on the ground and then went to check on Laurie. But when he came back, Michael was gone.

39. At the end of the closing credits, Michael Myers' distinctive breathing can be heard, just like the final scene of the original film.

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