October 31, 2003
Haddonfield, Illinois
11:14 p.m.
Hell's Night

Madison Mauberry knocked her head off the wall and fell to the ground, dazed and disoriented, as Michael Myers stood there motionless, clearly admiring his handiwork.

The Shape then reached down, retrieved his butcher knife with ease, and closed in on Madison with the knife raised high in the air, ready to make the final kill.

However, a split second before he brought the knife down, a gunshot echoed through the room and a bullet struck Michael square in the chest.

“Tony!” Madison gasped as she scrambled toward him on her hands and knees. Tony was hunched over, his left arm clutching his ribs, and the entire left side of his face was either burned or covered in blood. The pistol he held outstretched in his right arm was trembling badly and he could barely stand on his own two feet.

Almost instantly, Michael stood back up and Madison screamed and ducked out of the way as Tony let two more rounds fly at point blank range, missing with one, but connecting with the other, striking Michael in the chest and sending him sprawling backward into the dark kitchen.

With tears streaming down her face, Madison hid behind Tony, almost propping him up with her arm on his shoulder. “You can’t kill him,” she whispered into his ear as they both strained their eyes to see into the dark abyss of the kitchen. However, all they could see was the white mask of Michael Myers, very faintly looking directly at them.

“I know,” Tony groaned, almost coughing up a lung as he continued to stare at the motionless shape on the floor.

Then, without warning, Michael sat up once again, turning and glaring evilly at both of them, almost daring them to bring more.

And Tony did just that, firing three more shots at him, connecting with two. The first shot ricocheted off of the refrigerator, but the last two caught Michael dead on in the chest and abdomen, knocking him back down to the ground from his sit-up position.

Tony continued to pull the trigger, but the weapon clicked on empty over and over as they heard the sweetest sound of the night outside: sirens approaching in the distance.

“Let’s go before it’s too late!” Madison urged, gently tugging on his sleeve.

“But he’s still alive!” Tony replied, still clicking the gun on empty, hoping somehow it would fire more.

“Now!” Madison ordered, practically dragging him out the front door.

The two of them then stumbled out into the front yard just as a group of squad cars came to a screeching halt in front of the house, completely ensuring their safety.

Or so they thought.


Sitting back up, Michael watched as his prey headed out the front door. He started to follow them until he heard the sirens blaring in the distance, freezing him in his tracks.

The voices in his head told him the doctor would surely be arriving with those sirens, which had stopped right in front of the house.

That infuriated Michael more than the other two escaping. He didn’t stop to think how the doctor could still be alive; he just knew it was true. Without hesitation, he slyly slipped out the same kitchen window he had entered only minutes before.

As Loomis and Sheriff Robinson entered the house, Michael was on his way outside, quietly walking toward a dark patch of woods at the end of the backyard. Upon reaching safe cover in the darkness behind a large oak tree, Michael looked back to see the face of the doctor through the open kitchen window. He couldn’t hear what he was saying to the sheriff, but they were both frantically searching the area.

Around the side of the house, Michael spotted both the boy and the girl being attended to by the paramedics. Arriving right after the police did, the two ambulances parked side-by-side in the middle of Lampkin Lane, blocking the street before the police could even tape off the scene in yellow caution tape.

Completely oblivious to everyone at the scene, Michael Myers was watching their every move. And every second, a flash of red emanating from the ambulance’s sirens illuminated his mask deep in the woods.

One paramedic caught a glimpse of white out of the corner of his eye, but when he looked up, nothing was there.

Backing up slowly, The Shape further distanced himself from the scene, never once taking his black eyes off the activities happening very quickly out front. The doctor disappeared back into the house, but he knew he would see him again.

He also noticed that the boy and the girl were being loaded into the ambulances separately, each with “Haddonfield Memorial Hospital” stenciled on the side in large red letters.

Satisfied with what he had learned, Michael began to slip further into the darkness of the night, the voices in is head assuring him that everyone would pay for his failures tonight.

They would all pay with their lives.

Hell's night had only just begun.

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