Staring at nothing, yet everything at the same time, Madison lay motionless on her stretcher, biting her lower lip in anxiety. Painfully watching the other medics load Tony into the other ambulance on a gurney, she couldn’t help but wonder ‘what next?’.

The distress was clearly evident on her face as a couple of tears trickled down her cheek and off of her chin. Madison looked like she had just lived through a medieval war and the blood smeared across her left cheek blended in perfectly with her long red hair. Her shirt was torn in multiple places and blood was smeared crimson the whole way down to her wrist, where she suffered the knife wound just minutes before.

A tall and lanky EMT whose name she could not remember, nor cared, was attending to her wounds. A little bit disoriented, Madison stared off to her right, then her left, where a young police officer grilled her with several questions, jotting down her replies on a small notepad. Madison tried her best to answer him with more then one word, but then all of her attention and focus went to Tony, whose ambulance sped off with its sirens blaring.

“Tony...I want to be with Tony...” Madison mumbled softly with no one around her taking notice.

“M’am, I just need you to answer a few more questions and you’ll be taken to Haddonfield Memorial for further care. Now if you could please tell me how many people were with you tonight,” the young officer, whose name tag read “Kirsch” in black surrounded by a gold background, tried to ask until Madison began crying hysterically.

She hadn’t even thought of her friends until this officer brought it up and suddenly memories of her best friend Kayla came rushing into her head.

“I understand you’re in a lot of distress, but this is really important information that we have to have…” Officer Kirsch again tried to ask, but was interrupted by Madison once more.

“Ask your fucking questions at the hospital! I want to be with my boyfriend!” Madison shouted as tears rolled down her face once again, causing the dried blood to smear.

Madison’s outburst caught the attention of other officers nearby, who were arriving by the truckload. Most gave her a puzzled look, and it caused Officer Kirsch to become red-faced with embarrassment.

“Okay, get her out of here,” Kirsch ordered the EMT in a stern voice, like he had just made a command decision.

The EMT, noticing Kirsch’s uneasiness, just nodded in agreement with a smirk on his face. “Alright, Madison, I’m going to assist you into the back here and we will be on our way.”

“Assist yourself!” Madison fired back rudely. “Let’s get going,” she continued as she got up off her stretcher and sat down on a bench in the back of the ambulance. After her moment of fury subsided, she immediately felt sorry for making such a mean comment. The man was being extremely nice to her, but he didn’t seem offended either, so that was a good thing.

“Okay, D.J., let’s roll,” the EMT said as he sat down opposite Madison and pulled the double-doors shut behind him.

D.J., the ambulance driver, was slouched down in the front seat chewing on a toothpick.

“Aight Barry, who’s the chick?” he asked as he shifted the ambulance into drive and began to pull out.

“The female’s name is Madison Mauberry, and she’s in a hurry to get to the hospital to be with her boyfriend,” Barry, the EMT, responded.

D.J. didn’t respond. He only flipped on the noise and stepped on the gas. Madison didn’t pay any attention to their conversation as they left the scene. She just sat silently with her head against the wall staring out the back window, watching the Robinson house and all of the surrounding mayhem slowly disappear out of sight. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t help but feel that the night was far from over.

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