“Okay, Madison, as soon as Dr. Kennedy stops in and checks on you, you should be free to go,” Nurse Katie stated as she glanced down at Madison’s patient chart.

“Would you like someone to call your parents or guardian for a ride?” Nurse Marissa asked as she finished applying ointment and a bandage to Madison’s knife wound.

“No, no, that’s okay,” Madison responded. “I’m not going anywhere tonight unless it’s with Tony. Besides, my mom’s out of town and I sure as hell am not going home to an empty house after what I’ve been through tonight.”

“I understand,” Katie replied, brushing her hair away from her face. “I just can’t believe this shit is happening again. You know the Halloween, Michael Myers shit?”

“Wow, I know, it’s all over the news. It’s like we’re re-living history or something,” Marissa added in an obviously air-headed tone.

“What’s the news saying?” Madison asked them curiously with a puzzled look on her face.

“The latest report is stating that your boyfriend shot and killed Michael Myers, and that the police are currently scanning the area searching for his body,” Katie answered, doing her best impression of a news reporter.

“Y-You mean there’s no body?” Madison whimpered with a tone of nervousness cracking in her voice.

“No, not yet,” Marissa quietly replied, trying to calm her fears as a soft knock drew their attention to the door.

Madison was ready to say something again when the door opened and the white-haired Dr. James Kennedy stepped in.

“Hello Madison, how are we doing?” the doctor asked in his usual somber tone as he approached her on the examining table, checking her heartbeat with his stethoscope.

“I’m fine. How’s Tony?” Madison asked quickly, immediately inquiring about her boyfriend.

“The young man is just fine dear. He’s resting comfortably in recovery. You’ll be able to see him soon,” Kennedy answered as he checked her pupils with a tiny flashlight. “Until then, you are welcome to relax in our waiting room as long as you wish.”

Madison just nodded, detecting the hint of coffee on the doctor’s breath as she looked at her reflection in his eyeglasses. Overwhelmed with the news that Tony was alright, she almost immediately relaxed, exhaling deeply with a long, drawn-out sigh.

Dr. Kennedy then pulled out a prescription pad and fountain pen from the pocket of his vest and scrawled something across the top sheet. Tearing it off, he handed the sheet to Madison, stating, “There you go. A little something if the pain gets to be too much for you. But as strong as you’ve been tonight, you probably won’t be needing them.”

Madison didn’t acknowledge the doctor’s compliment. She briefly stared at the doctor’s chicken scratch signature on the sheet and then safely tucked the note into the pocket of her jeans.

“Katie, Marissa, would you please escort Miss Mauberry to the waiting room? We’re all finished here,” Dr. Kennedy concluded as he signed off on the patient’s chart and exited the room, his stethoscope swinging from around his neck.

“That’s great news girl,” Marissa exclaimed as she helped Madison down off the padded table. “Come on, we’ll escort you to our waiting area.”

Madison was greatly relieved to hear her boyfriend was recovering, but also very disturbed that the police still hadn’t found Michael’s body. If he was truly dead, then his body would have surely turned up by now. And since it hadn’t, that could only mean one thing, and she damn sure didn’t want to think about that possibility.

As the three ladies walked down the hallway toward the waiting room, another nurse came by accompanying a middle-aged man in their direction.

“Hey Katie, I’m checking Dr. John Loomis back in. He’ll be in room 116,” the nurse informed her as they approached.

“Okay, hold on one minute Amanda, let me write that down.”

Madison didn’t know the man, but instantly recognized his long, tan trench coat. As they approached, she realized that this man, John Loomis, was the one who rescued them earlier in the night. So, that’s what his name is. She opened her mouth to say something but Dr. Loomis, who also noticed her, shook his head no and slipped her a piece of folded paper.

None of the nurses saw him pass the note, and Madison, confused, closed the palm of her hand around it.

Dr. Loomis just nodded in a motion that he was pleased before nurse Amanda Mason escorted him inside his room.

“That man should have never left here in the first place,” Katie complained to Marissa as they passed the front desk. “We never cleared him. I don’t understand why the Sheriff needed him so bad anyway.”

Marissa started to say something in agreement, while Madison mumbled underneath her breath, “that man saved my life.”

Neither nurse heard what she said as they showed her to a seat in a lobby.

“Okay, wait here and I’ll let you know when you can see Tony. In the meantime, if you need anything just ask Duke. He’s our guard over there,” Katie stated cheerfully, pointing to the rather large man in the brown uniform perched behind his desk. Exchanging a smile with Duke, then Madison, Katie and Marissa both exited, heading back into what looked like a staff break room.

Madison waited until they were completely gone, and then opened up her hand to reveal Dr. Loomis’ note. Unfolding it, Madison was shocked at what the note said:

‘ You may still be in grave danger tonight. Do not leave this hospital by any means. Do not be afraid my dear, I will protect you.’

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