Madison slowly walked down the brightly lit hallway still with the note in her hand, not quite sure what to make of it. She only knew that the man who handed it to her was named John Loomis, and he was with Sheriff Robinson when she collapsed in the front yard with Tony. That, combined with the fact that the body of Michael Myers was missing, said all there was to say about what the note meant. Still, she had to hear it for herself.

As she turned a corner in the hallway, she noticed Dr. Kennedy coming out of a room but the tall, gangly physician didn’t notice her as he hurried to see another patient.

“Room 116,” Madison said under her breath, trying to remember what room number the nurse said he was in when they passed in the hallway.

Room 124. 122. She couldn’t be that far off.

Then she saw it. Staring her in the face were the gray stenciled numbers 1-1-6 behind a small plastic panel right next to the door. Taking a deep breath, she quietly knocked on the door, which was halfway open already.

“Yes, Madison, come in,” replied a man’s voice from inside, clearly expecting her.

“What is going on? How do you know my name? Why am I in danger?” Madison interrogated quickly as she entered the room, briskly shutting the door behind her.

“My name is Dr. John Loomis. I am working alongside the Haddonfield police department trying to aid them in capturing my escaped mental patient, Michael Myers,” Dr. Loomis stated as he sat up out of his bed and motioned for Madison to take a seat in the chair beside the bed, which she did.

“So your Michael’s doctor?”

“Yes, Michael became my patient and my obsession since the death of my uncle, who was his previous doctor.”

“Twenty-five years ago Michael Myers first escaped from the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and returned to Haddonfield to kill his sister, Laurie Strode. Laurie managed to escape Michael first at a house, and then at this very hospital later that same night. It was--”

“On Halloween,” Madison interrupted, knowing exactly what he was referring to.

“Then you know about him?”

“Come on, doc. Everyone knows the story of the boogeyman. My question is why is he after me? I’m not even his sister.”

Looking her square in the eyes, Loomis continued to tell his story. “Earlier today, Michael returned to Haddonfield, and the first place he decided to visit was the grave of his sister. I watched from the woods as Michael dug up her coffin, only to find it empty. Sensing his rage, I moved in hoping to talk some sense into him and apprehend him. However, I underestimated his fury that his sister was gone, and Michael bested me and left me for dead. Buried alive inside the coffin.”

Madison gasped at the last part but still continued to listen intently.

“Through the miracles of modern technology, called a cell phone, I was able to call for help and managed to live. That’s when I met you. After we arrived at the house and found you in the front yard, things started to make sense to me. That Michael Myers, in his confused and unstable mind, truly believes that you are his sister Laurie Strode. This is why I left the sheriff’s side. He’s losing control and going on a wild goose chase for Michael in the woods. I came here to wait for Michael to arrive, which I’m sure he will. Because you understand that Michael will not stop until either you’re dead, or he is. This time though, I’ll be ready, and I will protect you.”

Loomis coughed slightly, taking a sip of water as the truth finally began to set in for Madison.

“Why not bring the cops here then?” Madison countered, confused and scared, still not totally understanding Loomis’ point of view. “I don’t understand. If you know he’s coming here, why not have every cop in town here waiting?”

“Michael can sense a trap a mile away. He would never attempt to come here. He would only wait for the right opportunity, which is why I want my presence here to go unknown. I’m sorry, Madison you just have to trust me on this. Don’t be afraid, just be prepared my dear. We have a long night ahead of us.”

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