Officer Pritt was hoping and praying that his children were safe at home as he made his way slowly through Billows Woods, leaves and branches crunching under his feet. He was also cursing himself for taking the job in Haddonfield despite having full knowledge of the town’s cursed past.

“I swear I’m quitting my job and moving out of this town the first chance I get,” Pritt mumbled under his breath while he stepped carefully over a fallen tree.

However, as he stepped over it, his left foot caught a branch on the tree and got snagged, sending him sprawling to the ground.

“Fuck!” Pritt shouted, completely forgetting his whereabouts. Staggering around, he heard Weber say something from his left but couldn’t make out what it was. Not only did he fall on his ass, he also tore his brand new uniform and his pistol and flashlight went flying into the maze of fog around him.

Rustling through the red and orange leaves with his hands on the forest floor, Pritt frantically searched for his equipment, hoping to at least locate his flashlight. However, as he did, he came across a black boot of a man.

“Shit Weber, you scared the hell out of me!” the officer stated, his heart beating rapidly in his chest. “Now give me a hand looking for my shit. I lost it all when I got tripped up over that tree.”

But as he looked up, he was shocked to see a pale white face staring down at him through the swirls in the fog.

An instant later Michael Myers reached down and grabbed Officer Pritt by the throat with both hands and lifted his entire body in the air. The merciless Michael slammed Pritt’s body up against a large oak tree and furiously began to strangle the life out of him as his feet dangled helpless in the air. The last thing Pritt saw before his eyes bloodied and glazed over was Officer Weber emerging through the woods coming to his aid.

Officer Weber quickly dashed his way through the fog and trees to get to Pritt to see what was going on, although he already had a pretty good idea what was happening.

He could see the outline of a struggle ahead of him, and drew his gun. As he reached the scene, everything became clear. He spotted Michael Myers, who dropped officer Pritt’s lifeless body to the ground and slowly turned to face him. Then, making brief eye contact, The Shape yanked his butcher knife out of the tree next to him and squared up to face his new adversary.

Weber wasted no time with a confrontation as he quickly fired off three shots, nailing Michael directly in the chest and sending him and the knife flying backward.

“Sheriff Robinson, this is Weber,” he commanded into his radio, practically out of breath. “I have encountered Michael Myers and fired three fatal shots. I repeat, fatal shots, over.”

“Weber, stand fast. I’m on my way,” Robinson fired back. “Don’t approach him, he’s not human. Stand your ground and I will be there shortly.”

However, Officer Weber didn’t hear the response, and he had already approached Michael Myers’ motionless body. Kneeling down, he reached down to check for a pulse when suddenly, Michael picked up a nearby rock roughly the size of a softball and struck Weber directly in the temple.

Officer Weber instantly went into convulsions from the blow, but Michael kept on relentlessly smashing in the side of his head with the blood and brains covering the rock until the policeman’s face was mutilated to pieces.

When the body stopped moving, Michael stood up and over the body triumphantly as he picked up his butcher knife once again and waited for the Sheriff to arrive.

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