“Impossible...” Loomis muttered under his breath as he, along with the others, watched the harrowing scene unfold before them.

“We need to get the hell out of here!” Barry shouted in shock. “Come on!”

“Yes, hurry, get outside. Help is on the way,” Loomis knowingly replied, maintaining his composure as he followed them toward the stairs.

“It’s no use! That bastard barricaded every exit from the outside. We’re trapped!” Madison screamed, clutching onto Tony.

Behind them, the cold, calculated Michael Myers slowly stood back up, staring them down intently as he started forward.

“I had enough juice in that needle to put down an African elephant,” Loomis simply stated almost in disbelief as he watched The Shape approach.

“Evil doesn’t die the way a man dies, doctor,” Tony responded, recalling what Loomis had told him earlier in the night.

Barry, his back to the wall, was still clutching his arm when he felt something in his pocket that gave him an idea. It was his pilot’s training manual.

“Guys, I have an idea,” Barry groaned, struggling to pull the manual out of his pocket with his bad arm.

“You can fly that thing?” Madison asked, hopeful.

“I’m just learning, but I’ve been through every flight simulation possible. I was preparing to take my test next week.”

As Michael slowly made his way toward them, it was clear that the shot Loomis gave him had taken some sort of affect on him. It just wasn’t the affect they were hoping for.

“It’s the only option we have and we are out of time! Barry, let’s go!” Tony shouted, taking control of the situation. Without another word, the group followed Barry down an adjacent hallway toward a stairwell labeled “ROOF” with an arrow pointing up.

When they reached the rooftop, the sky was beginning to lighten up a bit. As night began to turn to day, a tangerine and red horizon dotted the skyline from east to west. It would be sunrise very soon. As they’d hoped, the small helicopter was parked at the far corner of the roof.

“Look!” Madison shouted, pointing down toward the empty parking lot.

All at once, entering the lot was what seemed to be a never-ending stream of vehicles, led by police cruisers and army hummers.

“Good, they’ve arrived!” Loomis exclaimed. “Barry, all we need you to do it get this thing airborne. You can land it safely in the parking lot.”

“I can do that, but we need to hurry. There are pre-flight checks I need to do first,” Barry explained as he opened the pilot’s side door.

There was still no sign of Michael Myers.

“There’s no time to do shit by the book. Just get that bird in the air as soon as possible!” Tony stated, as anxious as any of them to get down off the roof and far away from Haddonfield.

“Okay, okay, everyone get in,” Barry ordered as he began flipping on switches. Tony, Madison and Loomis sat in the bay area with the door open, watching intently for Michael Myers to appear.

“Everyone hold on,” Barry shouted back at them over the roar of the engine coming to life.

“We made it babe,” Tony told Madison as he held her against his chest and kissed her gently on the forehead.

However, just as Barry had the helicopter airborne it was abruptly stopped and jerked back down to the ground.

“What the hell was that?” Tony yelled over the engine.

“Shit! I forgot to untie the safety harness on the runner. It should have been done during the pre-flight checks,” Barry fired back as he regained control of the chopper and rested it back on the ground.

“I’ll get it,” Tony offered, peering around the darkness looking for any sign of Michael Myers. “Just be ready to go the instant I get back inside.”

“Tony, please hurry,” Madison begged with a look of extreme worry written across her face.

“I’ll be right back,” he replied and kissed her quickly on the lips, bolting outside to untie the harness.

Calmly taking his time, Tony was able to untie the harness without any complications, even though he sensed the presence of Michael Myers the whole time.

Relieved that he was successful, Tony turned around to head back to the chopper when he heard Madison scream at the top of her lungs.

An instant later, a strong powerful hand gripped tightly around his throat, and he came face to face with the pale white mask of Michael Myers, eyes full of hate and evil staring directly into his.

Tony tried to yell but no air could escape his throat. His eyes began to bulge out of their sockets as Michael’s vise grip tightened around his windpipe. Tony noticed Madison and Loomis out of the corner of his eyes bolting from the chopper to come to his aide, but it was too late.

With one fluid motion, Michael tossed Tony’s entire body into the air and sent him spiraling into the path of the chopper’s moving propellers.

As soon as his body hit, it was shredded to pieces, with pieces of limbs, blood, and bone flying everywhere.

The impact also caused the propellers to go out of whack and it sent the entire helicopter to its side. The moving propellers struck the concrete surface of the roof and broke apart, causing a small explosion and fire.

Loomis saw this happening and tackled Madison out of the way just in the nick of time as the wild propellers jetted past them.

Barry, however, wasn’t so fortunate.

The explosion on top of the chopper caused all the controls inside to go haywire and sparks flew everywhere, causing another fire to break out inside the cockpit.

Dr. Loomis looked up to see Barry pounding on the glass windshield for help, just a moment before his entire body was engulfed in flames.

He also noticed that Michael Myers’ body was sent flying from the explosion and was slowly getting up next to the edge of the roof overlooking the parking lot. He heard the people below breaking in through the front door, but they would never make it to them in time. Full of blind rage, he got to his feet and charged Michael Myers.

The Shape turned and saw him coming and tried to grab at his throat to choke him, but Loomis was able to fight him off. The doctor landed punches to the side of Michael’s head which may have took a small toll on him, but Michael just shrugged them off and was finally able to close a hand around his throat.

Dr. Loomis fell to his knees, spent and helpless, and Michael Myers began choking the life right out of him.

Still in shock, Madison came to her senses and noticed Loomis fighting off Michael tooth and nail, but she couldn’t move. All that kept replaying in her mind was Tony’s body being ripped to pieces. She had failed all her friends tonight, and just wanted to give up. She wanted Michael to take her life and end this all forever.

But then somewhere deep in her subconscious, she saw spiders all around her in a dark cave, and this triggered the thought of the dream she had earlier, causing her to bolt to her feet in a rush of adrenaline.

She saw that Loomis was now on his knees, Michael still choking him, not taking notice of her. This would be her only chance.

Lying next to her was a piece of one of the propellers, an end of it still burning. She reached down and picked up the good end, and still limping badly, charged Michael with all the strength she had left.

Michael saw her coming at the last second and dropped Loomis to the ground, but it was too late. The flaming end of the propeller impaled Michael dead in the chest and sent him sprawling backward over the edge of the hospital.

However, right before he fell over the edge, Michael pulled on the end of the propeller, sending Madison falling over the side of the building with him.

At the last second, Madison was able to reach up and grab the edge of the roof. Hanging there, trying to hold on for her life, she looked down and saw Michael’s body crash hard onto the ground below. A moment later, hundreds of angry townspeople rushed his body and began to pummel it with whatever weapons they had. Some had pitchforks, some had baseball bats, and others actually had torches. She couldn’t watch anymore as the mob unleashed hell on Michael Myers.

Madison then tried to pull herself back up onto the ledge, when one of her hands slipped, forcing her to struggle with only one arm barely grasping the edge. Her remaining fingers then began to slip, when Dr. Loomis reached over and grabbed her hand right as it began to fall off.

“Madison, hold on!” Loomis struggled to yell over, still struggling for air and coughing.

“I can’t hold on!” Madison yelled back, and Loomis saw why. He was holding onto her injured arm from the knife wound she suffered earlier in the night.

Madison screamed in agony, and Loomis also found it difficult to keep his grip when a group of men appeared on the roof.

“I got you sweetheart,” a middle-aged man with a heavy Italian accent yelled down as he was able to reach Madison’s other arm, easily pulling her back onto the safety of the rooftop.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s over,” this man spoke as he held the bewildered Madison in his arms.

She wept uncontrollably as she watched the sun rise over the horizon.

Night had given into day.

Hell’s night had finally ended.

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