Haddonfield, Illinois
November 1, 2004

Madison was once again sitting on the edge, this time of an ambulance, answering questions to the new sheriff, Josh Barnes.

The news of Sheriff Robinson’s death had deeply saddened her, but by now she was numb to any emotion. She knew everything would eventually hit her all at one time.

For only the second time in its history, Haddonfield Memorial Hospital was effectively shut down. After the authorities arrived, they secured and yellow-taped the scene, making sure the angry mob was disbanded and all the survivors received the proper medical treatment.

The bodies were also slowly being removed, pending notification of the victims’ families. The police hoped to have the entire scene taken care of in a matter of hours.

Dr. Loomis sat in the ambulance adjacent to Madison. He turned out to be okay, just a little banged up. He noticed her looking over at him, and just gave her a warm, reassuring smile.

The man who had saved her life on the rooftop was Sonny Piati. He was surrounded by about ten different news crews, including Kerry Carson, who was giving him a live interview for WWAR News.

What was left of the body of Michael Myers was taken under military control and was being escorted to a heavily guarded, top-secret military prison.

Sitting alone, Madison, wrapped in a blanket, watched as the circus unfolded.

“Excuse me, Ms. Mauberry?” Sheriff Barnes asked, approaching her again.

“I’m done answering questions, I just want to go home,” Madison replied, coldly staring up at the sheriff.

“You have a visitor m’am,” Barnes simply informed her and stepped aside as Karen Mauberry rushed to see her daughter.

“Mom!!!” Madison shrieked in joy and hugged her tightly, the tears instantly rolling down both their faces.

“It’s okay, sweetie, I’m here,” Karen assured her as they both began to whimper in joy.

Madison just held her tightly with a huge smile on her face, when she overheard a call come over the radio of Sheriff Barnes.

“What! That’s impossible!” he shouted back into the radio.

With a worried look on his face, he rushed into his police cruiser and sped off down the road, his lights and sirens blaring into the distance.


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