Dr. Loomis quickly spun around on his heels facing the direction of the sound of the footsteps. His gun was drawn and his finger was tight on the trigger, an instant from squeezing when the shape emerged from the darkness.

“Hey don’t shoot!” Barry yelped, raising his arms to show he wasn’t a threat.

Dr. Loomis breathed a sigh of relief and holstered his gun without saying a word.

“What the hell happened down here?” Barry asked, noticing Duke’s dead body sprawled across the ground. “I was manning the main desk and I got a weird transmission from Duke and...oh my god...”

Barry then paused, trying to gather himself as the reality of what was going on finally set in.

“Michael Myers happened here,” Dr. Loomis bluntly replied. “Now I need your help young man. I have a plan to stop him, but we must act fast.

“What???” Barry questioned, still confused and shocked. “We need to call the police and warn the others,” he added, answering his own question when Dr. Loomis slapped him hard across the face.

“I need you to get it together now, Barry,” Loomis ordered, noticing his nametag pinned to his chest.

“Son, the police are not coming. But there are others on their way that will help. In the meantime, I have to get back to Madison and Tony, and you and any remaining staff still alive has to get the hell out of here. I thought maybe you could be of assistance, but you are too unstable,” Dr. Loomis explained as he gently put a hand on Barry’s back and led him toward the stairs.

Barry seemed to think this all over for a moment before breaking his silence.

“I can help...I will help,” he simply stated.

“Good, now let’s get to Tony’s room. He and Madison will be waiting there for me,” Loomis responded firmly. Then, without another word, the duo sprinted up the stairs toward their room.


A few moments later, they arrived, and neither one was surprised to find the hallways completely deserted.

Loomis was the first to enter the room and his stomach immediately turned when he saw Madison was no longer inside. Only Tony remained, fast asleep on the bed.

“No...I told her to wait!” Dr. Loomis shouted in frustration.

Hearing this disruption, Tony bolted upright in his bed.

“Huh, what? Madison?” Tony asked, seemingly all at once.

“She’s not here Tony, but Michael Myers IS...do you understand?” Loomis asked sternly.

Tony’s eyes widened at hearing this. “I understand,” Tony calmly answered, now fully awake and aware. He then began to methodically remove all his sensors and the I.V. that was attached to his body. Barry rushed over to aide him.

Tony got up out of bed and walked over to a nearby closest, where his clothes from earlier in the night remained. He quickly slipped on his blue jeans and plain white t-shirt, but didn’t bother with his jersey from the costume party. He was lacing up his shoes when he looked over at Barry and asked: “I had a pistol with me, where is it?”

“Locked up in a room behind the main desk,” was Barry’s quick-witted reply.

“Then that shall be our first stop. After that, we find Madison and put an end to all of this,” Loomis explained as the three men left the room.

Approaching the main desk, Barry opened the office door, with Tony not far behind. A moment later, Tony disappeared into the darkness of the room, hoping to retrieve his pistol.

“There may still be others alive, I have to do this,” Barry told Dr. Loomis.

Nodding his head, Loomis knew exactly what he meant; he was more concerned with the blinking red light on a small panel behind the desk. Normally, that alert was meant to notify the guard that an emergency device such as a fire alarm had been activated.

Tony emerged back from the room and cocked his pistol, then stuck it in the back of his jeans.

Taking a deep breath, Barry flipped a switch on the control panel that sent a warning siren blaring throughout the previously-silent hospital. The white incandescent lights were soon replaced with an emergency flashing red light in every hallway, and an automatic recording came over the speakers, sounding very robotic and monotone:

“This is a Code Black...all personnel please exit the building immediately...I repeat, this is a Code Black.”

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