Sonny was cruising along in his pick-up truck hell bent on reaching Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. No one else in the truck was even saying anything. There was an understandable silence among them as they were all well aware of what they were getting themselves into.

After making the announcement at the Tower Farm that Michael Myers was at the hospital, anarchy nearly broke loose. People rushed to their vehicles grabbing whatever weaponry they could find from inside the barn and around the farm.

A few of the older townspeople stayed behind to attend to the bodies at the farm, but other than that, Sonny nearly had the entire town behind him in a parade from hell.

“What in the hell is this?” Sonny asked aloud to no one in particular.

About fifty feet ahead, a police barrier blocked the road. It consisted of two cruisers and about five to ten Army hummers with soldiers pointing rifles directly at Sonny’s convoy.

Sonny immediately identified the officer at the head of the pack as the dip shit deputy, Barnes. He was ordering them out of their vehicle through a megaphone.

“You guys stay in the truck, I’ll deal with this asshole,” Sonny ordered his friends as he stopped his truck and got out to approach Deputy Barnes.

“What seems to be the problem here officer?” Sonny asked in a cocky, sarcastic voice.

“Don’t give me that cocky attitude, Piati, I got word that you and your merry-men back there been causing quite an uproar. Now it’s my job to piss on that fire before it escalates into something more,” Deputy Barnes explained in a stern voice.

“Is that so? See because I got word that a man by the name of Michael Myers been causing quite an uproar here tonight and I’m taking it upon myself to piss on that fire before it gets any worse and any more people die tonight,” Sonny responded, mocking the deputy’s tone of voice.

“Now that is police business, and we are handling it accordingly,” Barnes fired back, starting to get irritated.

“Well, yet again the police have failed this town miserably,” Sonny stated, matter-of-factly.

“What exactly are you getting at, Sonny?” Barnes asked, clearly all out of his patience.

“Sheriff Robinson is dead. We found his body back at the Tower Farm, along with a few others,” Sonny explained. “While I was there, I got in contact with some doctor by the name of Loomis over at Haddonfield Memorial. He says that Michael Myers is there and he needs help, and needs it fast. Now you either arrest me now on whatever bullshit charge you think you have against me, or you and these soldiers can escort us to the hospital and end this shit once and for all tonight.”

Deputy Barnes just stared blankly at him for a second attempting to absorb all the new information.

“You said you talked to Loomis?” Barnes asked him solemnly, clearly calming down.

“Yeah, that’s right, now what’s it going to be here Sheriff?” Sonny asked him.

At the sound of hearing someone address him as sheriff, Barnes’ eyes lit up and he knew that Sonny was right. He just nodded at Sonny, and turned around and ordered the National Guard soldiers back in their vehicles and to follow him to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.


Madison made her way down the dimly lit hospital hallway, puzzled as to where everyone was.

She first went to the front desk to see if Duke had seen Dr. Loomis at all, but there was no one there. She then noticed a weird looking pickup truck parked in the emergency ramp, and was even further puzzled.

She called out Duke’s name a couple of times and got no response, so she found her way over to the nurses’ lounge to report that there was no guard at his post, and was shocked to find the lounge completely empty.

With a feeling of paranoia starting to overtake her, Madison decided she would check one last place before returning back to her room, and that was the Dr. Kennedy’s office.

She was getting ready to round the corner to the small hallway that led to the office when she noticed a small stream of water channeling her way from the corner of the hall.

“That’s weird,” she said aloud as she rounded the corner and froze in mid-stride.

Standing in the mouth of the doorway, not twenty feet away from her was Michael Myers, holding an ax up to his chest staring directly at her. At his feet laid the mangled body of one of the nurses that Madison could not recognize.

Madison screamed at the top of her lungs the very same second that the lights began to flash red, and an alarm began blaring over the intercom informing her there was a ‘Code Black.’

Only it was too late.

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