While Madison was dreaming of ghosts holding jack-o-lanterns, and Dr. Loomis was discovering the dead body in the basement, head nurse Katie Stewart was making her way down the dimly lit hallway toward Dr. Kennedy’s office.

She had already informed the few remaining nurses on the other floors and the handful of janitors still in the building of what was going on and sent them home.

However, she wasn’t really sure that Dr. Kennedy, the only doctor on their already short staff tonight, would even be in his office. Katie assumed he heard the Code White go out and reported to the security desk as he was supposed to do, but she had to be sure.

Her thoughts then drifted to her fiancé, Troy, who was waiting for her at home, surely concerned by now. He had already left five voicemails on her cell phone checking to see if she was okay. “When will this damned night end?” Katie said aloud to herself as she approached Kennedy’s office door.

But as she did, a large crash suddenly disturbed the silent air coming from directly behind the door.

“Dr. Kennedy?” Katie called out, puzzled as she pounded on the door. “Are you alright?” There was no response, but strangely there was now water spilling out into the hallway from underneath his door.

Alarmed, Katie quickly pulled the door open to see what was wrong and immediately wished she had not done so.

The loud crash was the doctor’s large fifty-gallon aquarium, which explained the water. What caused the crash was Dr. Kennedy’s head, which was now stuck in place inside the aquarium with large shards of glass protruding from the back of his neck.

Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. As Katie took everything in, her body went into shock. The water and fish flopping around on the floor. The doctor’s desk a complete mess, with papers everywhere. The doctor himself dead, his blood turning what water was left inside the aquarium red.

She didn’t even notice the large looming body of Michael Myers standing directly behind the dead doctor, wielding a fire ax in one hand, for about ten seconds. Even then, her body couldn’t react. She simply mouthed the words “oh my god.” Katie was like a deer frozen in headlights.

Michael didn’t even flinch. He just stared blankly at her.

Urine now trickled down her leg, finally causing her to move a little bit. Katie took one step backward and stepped directly on top of one of the flopping fish on the floor and lost her balance, nearly crashing to the ground.

Michael didn’t waste another second. The instant Katie regained her balance, he brought the ax down in a ferocious swing, cutting down through her shoulder blade and slicing straight through her heart like it was a stick of butter.

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