Madison squinted her eyes as she walked down the dark, web-filled tunnel, completely unsure of her surroundings.

She couldnít see them, but she knew they were there. Spiders. All around her. She fought back the urge to scream, and all her senses demanded that she run very fast, to get out of the grave danger she was in. But Madison felt paralyzed. Every time she tried to run, the tunnel seemed to get longer and longer with no end in sight.

After taking a deep breath, Madison convinced herself that the spiders could not hurt her; no, that would be the easy way out. Fate, however, had other plans in store for her this night.

Feeling more confident, she stood up straight, held her head high, and continued fearlessly down the dark tunnel, anxious to arrive at her destination.

After heading a few yards down the abyss, she spotted light up ahead, and the spiders had mostly all dispersed. However, as she made her way further ahead, she wished she only had the spiders to deal with as she noticed the source of the light.

Standing on either side of the narrow tunnel lining the walls were people cradling lit jack-o-lanterns by their midsections. Madison called out to these people, but no one even flinched. Their blank, bloodshot eyes stared straight ahead, and as Madison approached, she understood why they didnít respond. They were all dead, and they were all her friends.

Madison shrieked and fell to her knees and began to cry. She knew instantly this was a mistake, but wasnít sure why she couldnít stop. It was something inside her that made her keep going. Somehow, she stood up and passed each of her friends one by one.

First was Eddie. His mouth was gaping open with a large spider nesting inside. His neck was black and blue.

Next was Tim, whose face was split into two, a large, bloodied crack separating the parts. Madison also noticed that his jack-o-lantern was carved to match the split down the center.

After that was who appeared to be Chris, but his face was so badly burned she couldnít tell.

Following Chris was her best friend Kayla. Seeing her again brought even more tears streaming down her face as Kayla had a large gaping hole through the center of her chest.

Moving along, Madison was really confused when Sheriff Robinson stood before her. She didnít take time to notice what was wrong with him, as she caught the last person out of the corner of her eye. It was Tony. His jack-o-lantern was the only one that was not lit, but her boyfriend appeared to be sewn together in a dozen different places.

Horrified at the sight of him, Madison turned around and emerged from the end of the tunnel. Madison screamed and was equally as shocked as she saw who was standing there. A few feet outside the tunnel on the edge of a cliff was Michael Myers, holding a large bloodied butcher knife at his chest. Below him, at the bottom of the cliff, was what seemed to be thousands of people holding torches and screaming all at once.

With every ounce of strength and courage Madison had left, she ran and lunged out at Michael, ready to rip out his throat with her bare hands. Instead, she flew right through him as if he were a mirage, and fell right off the edge of the cliff down into the fury of the screaming maniacs below.


Screaming, Madison bolted upright in her chair, drenched in a cold sweat as she nearly fell to the ground. It took her a moment to get her wits about her and realize she was back in the hospital room with Tony sleeping soundly in the bed.

Dr. Loomis, however, still had not returned. Yawning, Madison glanced at the clock and saw that it was past five in the morning. She didnít exactly remember what time he left, but he should have definitely at least checked in with her by now.

She whispered Tonyís name, but he didnít respond, so she left him alone, not wanting to wake him and disturb the rest he so badly needed.

So, completely forgetting about Dr. Loomisís strict order to stay in the room, Madison, still half asleep, left to find him.

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